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Mike Bedding is the 2017 Riverfest Champion!

Mon 27 November 17 - River Wye

Mike Bedding is the 2017 Riverfest Champion

With the River Wye at a good seasonal level there was much excitement before the draw for the fifth RiverFest final. There had been some good catches in ‘B’ zone below the old railway bridge in the weeks leading up to the final and many felt this is where the final would be won and lost. ‘A’ zone had also thrown up some decent weights from the swims below the pump house.

The swims immediately above the old railway bridge were included in ‘A’ zone and they had also fished well over the previous week. This is where Mike Bedding and Sam Merry drew and a fascinating duel between the two went largely unnoticed by many of the spectators who had focused their attentions on the swims lower down the river.

Mike was on end peg 77 and Sam was above him on peg 76. Both anglers put most of their faith in a bolo approach with groundbait, caster and loose fed maggots. Mike and Sam were both using maggots on the hook as well and by the end of the five hours there was just 6oz separating them. Mike took top spot with 41-10-0 and Sam recorded 41-4-0. These weights put both anglers in a very strong position for the second day, as they would both be moving to the favoured ‘B’ zone.

The good weights continued with Dan Ashington finishing third from peg 83 with 36-10-0. Pete Morris also put himself in a good position with 36-1-0 from fancied peg 96. Making up the top six were Colin Taylor with 29-10-0 from peg 95 and Alan Henry with 29-7-0 from peg 82.

The upstream pegs in ‘A’ zone had fished much harder, but with those anglers moving to ‘B’ zone on the following day, everyone felt that the competition was wide open in terms of the aggregate two day weights.

An influx of cold water and a slowly rising river saw the weights plummet on Day Two. Most of the anglers who had been at the top end of ‘A’ zone on the first day were struggling again, apart from those who had drawn near to the main A49 road bridge. At peg 94, England International Sean Ashby was into fish from the off. Using bolo tactics and feeding groundbait as well as loose maggots he kept the small chub and dace coming until the end to finish top on the day with 26-10-0.

A few swims above Sean, at peg 91, Deron Harper used stick float and bolo tactics to record a mixed bag of 16-10-0 for runner up. Then followed Mark Halksworth with 15-12-0 from peg 92 and Lee Edwards with 12-14-0 from peg 65. Making up the top six were Ant White with 12-7-0 from peg 93 and Kevin Hall with 11-2-0 from peg 88.

While all this was going on, all eyes were on Mike Bedding and Sam Merry as it soon became clear that one of them was going to take the title. Mike had drawn peg 64, two swims above the rowing club and Sam was three swims above on peg 61. Another close battle ensued with Mike just taking the spoils again with 8-13-0 of perch, dace and bleak. Sam finished 9oz behind this time with 8-4-0.

These results meant it was Mike who took the 2017 title with a total of 50-7-0, ahead of Sam on 49-8-0.


1. Mike Bedding 50-7-0 (£13,000)
2. Sam Merry 49-8-0 (£6,000)
3. Sean Ashby 37-14-0 (£4,000)
4. Dan Ashington 36-10-0 (£2,000)
5. Pete Morris 36-1-0 (£1,500)
6. Andrew Murphy 32-6-0 (£1,400)
7. Colin Taylor 29-10-0 (£1,300)
8. Alan Henry 29-7-0 (£1,200)
9. Steve Hemingray 29-6-0 (£1,100)
10. Lee Edwards 27-7-0 (£1,000)

In addition to the main list prizes, 24 six-peg section prizes of £250 were also paid out.

The Angling Trust can confirm that the competition will be on again in 2018 and qualifying venues will be announced in January.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 24

Mon 06 November 17 - Yorkshire Ouse

Hyde holds out for big chub on the Yorkshire Ouse

The twenty second RiverFest qualifier wound its way North to Linton on Ouse in Yorkshire. Forty nine anglers battled the strong winds and low clear river conditions in a fight to bag themselves one of the last qualifying spots for the final on the River Wye.

Top of the pack was Peter Hyde who drew peg 250 on the Linton Stretch. Peter braved it out on the tip and lobworm for most of the match and was rewarded with a huge 5lb chub and couple of roach for his 5lb 9oz.

Second on the day was Dan Ridley who was also on the top section of Linton. Dan amassed a very respectable 4lb 4oz in the five hours.

Third on the day and also qualifying for the final was Bob Brown. The Browning Osset Angler drew on peg 222 at Hunters Lodge and secured third by an ounce with 4lb 3oz. Coming in fourth was Jon Obank who also just nudged past the 4lb barrier with 4lb 2oz,

Final Qualifier on the day was Stuart Tate who qualified from the tricky Helperby and Brafferton section. Stuart won his zone with 3lb 4oz.


1. Peter Hyde 5-9-0
2. Dan Ridley 4-4-0
3. Bob Brown 4-3-0
4. Jon Obank 4-2-0


Bob Brown, Peter Hyde and Stuart Tate

Special thanks go to Dave Miles and his team for a very well run qualifier.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 23

Thu 02 November 17 - Warwickshire Avon

Curtis cruises to victory on Warwickshire Avon

The Warwickshire Avon’s second RiverFest qualifier saw the river in similar conditions to the first, low and clear which had it’s toll on overall weights for the day. However with a full field of 60 of the nations finest running water anglers, competition was fierce on the last weekend of qualifiers.

First on the day was Gordon League Angler John Curtis. Having drawn peg 36 on the Myton Fields section, John went on to fish a very tidy feeder match catching twenty skimmers for 15lb 14oz.

Second on the day was the ever consistent Andy Power, who can seemingly turn his hand to any style of angling! Andy switched between the pole and waggler for 11lb 4oz of mainly roach.
Rounding out the top three was Mark Brush who drew next to Andy on Myton fields peg 26. Mark caught a bonus chub and roach for his 9lb 10oz.

In terms of qualification it was two household names who made the frame. Simon Fry won Zone B with a 9lb 8oz mixed bag on the Waggler and the returning Matt Derry took Zone C with an impressive 9lb 0oz 8drm of pole caught small roach.

1st John Curtis 15-14-0
2nd Andy Power 11-4-0
3rd Mark Brush 9-10-0

John Curtis
Simon Fry
Matt Derry

Special thanks go to Tony Butler, Darren Cox and their team for organising an excellent qualifier.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 22

Wed 01 November 17 - Warwickshire Avon

Last gasp final barbel wins Mark Traves a place in big money Final

A very low and clear Warwickshire Avon greeted the sell-out 60 anglers this weekend on the Seven Meadows, Stannells and Manor Farm sections. The big weights of chub we saw last year at Seven Meadows did not materialise and the section at Manor Farm dominated the main list this time around.

Severn expert Mark Traves put his experience of catching barbel on the float to good use when he drew noted barbel peg 44 at Manor. He fished a DH 2g No5 Bolo float, feeding casters and hemp with two red maggots on the hook to land two barbel up to 9lb and 7lb of small fish to comfortably win with 20-2-0. The biggest barbel was landed a few minutes into extra time.

Second overall and only two pegs downstream was Tri-Cast angler Dave Roberts who caught two bream and a small barbel on chopped worm and pole for 15-12-0. Shakespeare’s Steve Williams was third with 14-10-0 of small chub fishing tight across on a small waggler.

1st Mark Traves (Sensas) 20-12-0
2nd David Roberts (Tri-Cast) 15-12-0
3rd Steve Williams(Shakespeare) 14-10-0

1-20 Terry Trueman (MAP)
21-40 Scott Geens (Garbolino)
41-60 Mark Traves (Sensas)

Special thanks go to Tony Butler, Darren Cox and their team for organising an excellent qualifier.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 21

Thu 26 October 17 - River Severn, Shrewsbury

Phil Williams on Top at Shrewsbury

Match organiser Phil Williams proved that local knowledge can pay dividends after drawing one of the fancied pegs on a fast rising Severn at Shrewsbury.

Phil booked his place in the big money November final for a shot at the £13,000 top prize with a 14-5-8 catch of roach, dace and perch from peg 47 in the Quarry length.

Second place went to Nick Young with 11-10-0 of roach and dace from peg 45. Nick used similar tactics to the winner.

Further down the length, John Small took third position with 9-5-8 from peg 58, ahead of Rob Quinn at peg 59 with 8-8-8.

Andy Jones had the best catch in the downstream zone with 7-15-8, a weight that earned him a place in the final. Narrowly missing out by just half an ounce in this zone was Adey Piggott with 7-15-0.

Winner of the County Ground zone was Clive Branson with 7-8-0 of mainly bleak.

Special thanks go to Phil Williams and Andy Jones for organising a very well run qualifier.

Top 6 results;

1. Phil Williams 14-5-8 (peg 47)
2. Nick Young 11-10-0 (peg 45)
3. John Small 9-5-8 (peg 58)
4. Rob Quinn 8-8-8 (peg 59)
5. Andy Jones 7-15-8 (peg 86
6. Adey Piggott 7-15-0 (peg 90)

Next qualifiers;
Saturday October 28th – Yorkshire Ouse.
Saturday October 28th – River Severn, Shrewsbury (switched from River Dee).
Sunday October 29th – Warwickshire Avon, Warwick.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 20

Fri 20 October 17 - Warwickshire Avon

Traves leads the way on the RiverFest qualifier

A very low and clear river Avon greeted the sell-out 60 anglers at the weekend on the Seven Meadows, Stannells and Manor Farm sections.

The big weights of chub we saw last year at Seven Meadows did not materialise and the section at Manor Farm dominated the main list this time around.

Severn expert Mark Traves put his experience of catching barbel on the float to good use when he drew noted barbel peg 44 at Manor. He fished a DH Bolo float, feeding casters and hemp with two red maggots on the hook to land three barbel up to 9lb’s and some small bits to comfortably win with 20lb’s 2oz.

Second overall and only two pegs downstream was Tri-cast angler Dave Roberts who caught two bream and a small barbel on chopped worm and pole for 15lb’s 12oz. Shakespeare’s Steve Williams was third with 14lb 10oz of small chub fishing tight across on a small waggler.

Top 3 overall
1st Mark Traves (Sensas) 20lb 2oz
2nd David Roberts (Tri-Cast) 15lb 12oz
3rd Steve Williams(Shakespeare) 14lb 10oz

Qualifiers going through to the RiverFest grand final:
1-20 Terry Trueman (MAP)
21-40 Scott Geens (Garbolino)
41-60 Mark Traves (Sensas)

The Angling Trust would like to offer their thanks and appreciation to the local representatives for all their work.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 19

Mon 09 October 17 - River Medway

Gary Fuller on top on the Medway

With the river desperate for some rain to improve the colour and flow, this was always going to be tough for the 43 competitors, especially those on the lower pegs.

One man who wasn’t complaining at the end though was match winner Gary Fuller who switched between pole and waggler for a 7-4-0 return from peg 63.

Second place went to Steve Palmer at peg 55 with 5-9-0 from peg 55, ahead of Tony Marshall with 5-5-0 from peg 59.

Making up the top six were Michael Nowicki with 5-2-0 from peg 64, Dean Luker with 4-14-0 from peg 58 and Jeff Saunders with 4-8-0 from peg 62.

A zone winner was Steve Colwell with 1-4-0 and joining him and Gary in the final is Peter Dent who won B Zone with 3-8-0.

Anglers are reminded that as people qualify their remaining tickets go back into the computerised system for re-sale. The website is updated with all tickets available every Monday after a qualifier at 1pm.

Special thanks goes to Mick Roberts and his team for organising another very well qualifier.

Next qualifiers;

Saturday October 14th – River Dee, Farndon

Sunday October 15th – Warwickshire Avon, Stratford


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Riverfest Qualifier round 18

Tue 03 October 17 - River Trent - Burton

England star books his final place at Burton

After the venue had produced excellent midweek weights, hopes were high for a repeat on this qualifier. An influx of cold water from heavy rain on the previous afternoon and evening though, resulted in many anglers struggling to get bites and only one double figure weight was recorded.

England international Steve Hemingray booked his place in the star studded final line up after catching 12-12-0 of roach and perch from fancied peg One (1) on Broadholme Island. All Steve’s fish fell to maggot hookbait fished over groundbait.

Second spot, and another place in the big money final went to Lee Bennett at peg 14 on Ferry Bridge. Lee caught his fish on stock float and maggots.

Third place overall, and yet another place in the final, which is worth a cool £13,000 to the winner, went to Ant White with 9-12-0 from peg 18 on the Baileys section. Ant used waggler and maggot for roach before switching his attention to perch on pole-fished worm.

Special thanks go to Tony Vandome, Wayne Swinscoe and their Coors AC team for organising a very well run qualifier.

Qualifiers: Lee Bennett, Steve Hemingray and Ant White


1. Steve Hemingray 12-12-0
2. Lee Bennett 9-13-0
3. Ant White 9-12-0
4. Ade Reynolds 9-4-0
5. Paul Sanderson 8-15-0
6. Leigh Gardner 8-4-0

John Price, Mike Bedding and John Moody

Next qualifier – Sunday October 8th – River Medway.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 17

Sun 24 September 17 - River Thames, Clanfield

Mixed bag puts John well in front on the Thames

The River Thames qualifier at Clanfield was won by John Price who finished well clear of the pack with a mixed catch of 19-7-0 from peg 94. John started on the whip fished over groundbait for 6lb of small fish. He then fished a chopped worm line down the edge at 14m for a good chub. This line also produced two big perch in the last hour and secured him a comfortable match win and qualification to the Grand Final in July.

Second in the match was Mike Bedding on peg 23 with 7-3-0 of small chub and roach on the waggler, fished tight to the far side. He backed this up with three perch on chopped worm. This result meant that Kelvin Tallet finished third with 6-15-0, but narrowly missed out on qualifying.

Fourth was Tom Avery with 6-13-0. Fifth was Mike Harrington with 6-5-0 and sixth was Steve Harwood with 6-4-0.
Completing the qualifier list was John Moody who finished just ahead of his fellow competitors in Zone C with 6-2-8.


1. John Price 19-7-0
2. Mike Bedding 7-3-0
3. Kelvin Tallet 6-15-0
4. Tom Avery 6-13-0
5. Mike Harrington 6-5-0


John Price, Mike Bedding and John Moody

A big thank you to Clanfield AC team for a very well organised match.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 16

Sat 23 September 17 - River Severn, Bridgenorth

Dan is the man at Bridgnorth

A dropping and clearing river greeted the competitors for the sixteenth round of the RiverFest 2017 qualifiers and hopes were high for big weights. However, the low water temperature resulted in many of the anglers struggling for bites.

Dan Ashington won A Zone with the top weight on the day, a level 26-0-0 from peg 19 below the bridge at Linley. His catch of four barbel fell to meat and pellet baits.

Second overall was Adrian Paddock who made his second successive final with a mixed barbel and chub catch on pellet and caster feeder to weigh a level 23-0-0 from B Zone, peg 91.

Third was Dave Beecroft who deservingly qualified after several attempts with a top weight in Zone C. He netted barbel and chub plus dace on float gear for a level 22-0-0 from peg 147.

Fourth on the day was Mick Crossville who was agonisingly only 4oz’s away from qualification with 21-12-0 from peg 197.

Nigel Bull was the fifith man past the post bagging a very respectable 19-10-0 in the five hours from peg 53.


1. Dan Ashington 26-0-0
2. Adrian Paddock 23-0-0
3. Dave Beecroft 22-0-0
4. Mick Crossville 21-12-0
5. Nigel Bull 19-10-0


Dan Ashington, Dave Beecroft and Adrian Paddock

Thanks go to organiser Dave Lloyd and his team for another well run qualifier.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 15

Sun 17 September 17 - River Wye, Hereford

Lee Edwards good form continues on the Wye

Prospects looked good for the latest qualifier on the Wye around Hereford. Recent rain had raised the levels and put some much needed colour into the venue, but the heavy sediment that came with it slowed sport in some areas, leading to a low scorecard, but an exciting finish.

There were two zones spread over the Belmont sections, but the winner was expected to come from C Zone which was pegged across tennis courts, Bartonsham and Eign. And so it proved.

Winner on the day and qualifying for his third successive final was Welsh international Lee Edwards. Drawn in the middle of the tennis courts section, the Maver man had to ignore the possibilities of big of chub and barbel weights elsewhere in the section, and get his head down catching roach and dace on stick float tactics. One bonus chub bumped his final weight to an impressive 38-12-0 which turned out to be a comfortable zone and match win.

This zone also produced the runner up with Chris Taylor catching 27-8-0 of mainly chub on float tactics at the bottom of Eign, as well as 3rd placed Jason Owen, catching 24-9-0 of chub and barbel from the top peg at Bartonsham.

A & B Zones were a lot tighter, with the expected bleak only showing in small pockets many competitors struggled, and had to go down the big fish route. A zone was won by Phil Amos who held his nerve, sitting it out for two barbel to weigh 9-6-8.

B zone turned out to be a very tight affair and exciting finish. The eventual winner and qualifying for his fourth final was Brian Rigby. His 11-10-0 weight, comprised of two big chub and a couple of perch. With barbel showing in the lower end of the section, and a bleak weight at the top, there were four other anglers agonisingly within 6oz of winning the zone.


1. Lee Edwards 38-12-0
2. Chris Taylor 27-8-0
3. Jason Owen 24-9-0


Phil Amos, Lee Edwards and Brian Rigby


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Riverfest Qualifier round 14

Sat 16 September 17 - River Thames at Abingdon, Culham and Appleford

Sean seals his seat in RiverFest Final

The fourteenth round of the Angling Trust RiverFest qualifiers saw 48 anglers from around the region descend on the mighty River Thames at Abingdon, Culham and Appleford. With the river still clear and lacking flow the match was always going to be down to the draw and the pegs with a bit of room were a must to be in with a shot at qualifying.

Abingdon was the place to be for a decent days fishing with six double figure weights including three of the top four, however with the seats in the final going by 20 peg zone, the anglers at Culham and Appleford also stood a chance with some really close affairs across these sections.

Sean Ashby stormed the match and was first to book his seat in the final. The Sensas backed England international drew peg five at Abingdon and had mainly roach for his 22lb 3oz with a few small skimmers and a bonus perch added for good measure. Sean balled in groundbait at 13m and loose fed caster with red maggot on the hook.

Tony Gilbert took the runners up spot, putting an impressive 18lb 2oz on the scales in the five hours. The Preston Innovations Thatchers angler drew in the favoured rushes at the bottom end of Culham and had all roach on pole and caster over groundbait feed.

Fellow England international Steve Hemingray was equal third with 15lb 15oz. The Drennan backed rod drew opposite the rowing club at Abingdon and caught roach with maggot on the pole.

Also on 15lb 15oz was Matt Derry. Matt and Steve had a right ding dong battle on adjacent pegs, with Matt also putting a cracking weight of roach on the scales.

The final qualifier from the trickier Culham section was Colin Beech. Colin put together a hard earnt 7lb 10oz net of mainly roach and also sealed his spot in the final.


1. Sean Ashby 22lb 3oz
2. Tony Gilbert 18lb 2oz
3= Steve Hemingray 15lb 15oz
3= Matt Derry 15lb 15oz

Our thanks must once more go to local organiser Paul Glenfield for all his efforts prior and during the qualifier.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 13

Sun 10 September 17 - Tidal Trent at North Clifton, Dunham and Laughterton

Mark Halksworth leads the way on the Tidal Trent

The latest RiverFest qualifier took place on the tidal Trent at North Clifton, Dunham and Laughterton. With a big tide expected to peak half way through the match, hopes were high for the skimmers and roach to feed.

Winner on the day and booking his place once again in the big money final was Trent stalwart Mark Halksworth who drew peg 38 at Laughterton.

Mark fished a groundbait feeder with worm and caster to entice skimmers and a couple of bream to 4lb on worm hookbait to storm to a decisive victory with 31-0-0.

Second, on the adjacent peg to Mark, was John Summerson who fished the same method as the winner to record 22-8-0 of skimmers and a bream.

In third place was Steve Edson at Laughterton peg 42. Steve amassed 16-10-0 in the five hours consisting of two bream and skimmers on a groundbait feeder worm and caster.

Taking the remaining framing spot and qualifying for the final was match organiser Alan Henry at peg 20 at Dunham where he fished groundbait feeder worm and caster to take roach, dace, perch and a 3lb barbel for a weight of 15lb.

The final qualifying space on a very hard North Clifton section went to another Trent regular Paul Moutrey who drew unfancied peg 28 and caught roach and perch on the feeder for 5-13-0.


1. Mark Halksworth 31-0-0
2. John Summerson 22-8-0
3. Steve Edson 16-10-0
4. Alan Henry 15-0-0


Paul Moutrey, Alan Henry and Mark Halksworth

The Angling Trust would like to thank Alan Henry and his team for all their efforts in organising the match.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 12

Sat 02 September 17 - River Severm, Bewdley

Lee Harries leads the way at Bewdley

As expected, a very low and gin clear river, coupled with bright sunshine made this qualifier a difficult match for most. There were still some very good weights taken though and a feature of the match was the mix of different species caught by the anglers who main framed.

Lee Harries made use of a good draw at peg 75 catching from the off to win the match comfortably with 20-10-0 of barbel, caught on halibut pellet feeder.

Two swims upstream at peg GM1, Pete Sturmey fished with waggler and maggot to take a 15-10-0 catch of chub.

Third in the match was Ian Ward with 13-9-0 of dace, caught on a long whip and maggot from peg 105.

Fourth and winning a qualifying place at the £13,000 top prize in November was Brian Jones at peg 29 with 12-0-0 of maggot feeder caught chub.

Dave Holland came in fifth with 10-8-0 from peg 7 and sixth place went to the ever-consistent Brian Rigby with 10-6-0 of dace from peg 25.

The last qualifying place went to Steve Clark with 9-11-0 of roach from peg 63.

Special thanks go to the KDAA team for organising a very well run qualifier, along with Dave Harrell for his continued efforts with the contest.


1. Lee Harries 20-10-0
2. Pete Sturmey 15-10-0
3. Ian Ward 13-9-0
4. Brian Jones 12-0-0
5. Dave Holland 10-8-0
6. Brian Rigby 10-6-0


Lee Harries, Brian Jones, Steve Clark


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Riverfest Qualifier round 11

Wed 30 August 17 - River Nene

Bates bream breeze the match on the Nene

An eager fifty anglers lined up along the Orton stretch of the River Nene in Peterborough for the eleventh round of RiverFest qualification. Despite the bright conditions and clear water, decent weights were recorded throughout.

Mark One Sensas rod, Bob Bates made no mistake from his end peg draw and quickly set to work on the stretches Bonus fish. Bob landed eleven bream on pole and caster during the five hours, for a match winning 54lb 5oz. Catching three bream in the first half of the match, Bob added another eight bream in a hectic final 90 minutes to take the win.

In second place and also qualifying for the Grand Final River Wye, was Enfield angler, Barry Oliver. Barry was also fortunate enough to draw on an end peg and put together an excellent pole caught mixed bag for 12lb 6oz from bottom peg 60.

Our final qualifier from this round was Howard Kaye who managed a very hard earnt 6lb 10oz of mostly hemp caught roach from a difficult first meadow above Orton lock.

Third in the match and narrowly missing out on qualification was Leicester’s Joe Oakes with 11lb 15oz of hemp roach from peg 43 below the bypass.

Browning Hotrods’ Steve Welford drew peg 4 and managed a late bream to boost his weight to 9lb 3oz, finally completing the overall frame was Mick Hanks with 7lb 9oz from peg 58.


1. Bob Bates 54-5-0
2. Barry Oliver 12-6-0
3. Joe Oaks 11-5-0
4. Steve Welford 9-3-0
5. Mick Hanks 7-9-0

Our thanks must go to Mike Kirby and PDAA for all their help at the qualifier.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 10

Wed 30 August 17 - River Tee

Freeman finds the skimmers on the River Tee

Although clear the River Tees was still holding plenty of water for the tenth RiverFest qualifier. This led to a real mixed bag of results, with the river fishing a little tougher than anticipated.

Will Freeman ended up top of tree on the day, drawing an ever favoured end peg, peg three. Will went about accumulating a good net of bonus skimmers on the tip that went an impressive 24lb 6oz on the scales.

Finishing second on the day was England international Mick Vials. Mick drew on peg 70 and amassed another good bag of skimmers on his ever dependable feeder tactics for 14lb 8oz and the second qualifying spot on the day.

Rounding out the top three and also taking the final qualifying place was Stuart Bell. Stuart also caught skimmers but had to switch between the pole and feeder to keep them coming for his 12lb 2oz.

Martin Robson took the overall fourth spot on the day with 11lb 15oz and rounding out the top five was John McGarrell with 11lb 10oz.


1. Will Freeman 24-6-0
2. Mick Vials 14-8-0
3. Stuart Bell 12-2-0
4. Martin Robson 11-15-0
5. John McGarrell Hall 11-10-0

Our thanks go to Chris Gowling and Dave Harrell for all their efforts organising the match.


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Riverfest Qualifier round 9

Mon 14 August 17 - River Don

Local Knowledge pays dividends on the Don

Extra water had lowered the water temperature on the eight RiverFest qualifier on the river Don. The river still fished well though with eight double figure weights spread over the three zones.

River Don regular Paul Goulding drew end peg 60 (peg 1 at Sprotborough) and landed 22-8-0. This weight was made up with a 5lb bream and skimmers, caught on a groundbait feeder.

Second place went to match organiser Steve Lowther at peg 40 on the Viaducts section with 13-7-0 of hybrids and perch on groundbait feeder.

Third, with 11-6-0 of skimmers, again on the feeder was Mark Turner at peg 59 on the Sprotborough length.

Fourth was Nicky Crooks at peg 9 on the Earth Centre section with 10-5-0 of pole caught skimmers, perch and roach.

Special thanks go to Steve Lowther and his team for running a very well organised qualifier.


1. Paul Goulding 22-8-0
2. Steve Lowther 13-7-0
3. Mark Turner 11-6-0
4. Nicky Crooks 10-5-0
5= Phil Stevenson, Tony Marshall, Daz Hall 10-2-0

Next qualifiers
Saturday August 19th – River Tees
Sunday August 20th – River Nene


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Riverfest Qualifier round 8

Sun 13 August 17 - River Yare

Small roach catch earns big money chance for Colin

There were 55 anglers on the latest qualifier on the River Yare and while the weights weren’t as high as normal, it made for a very close match. The river was running quite clear and most people thought that roach would be the target for a qualifying weight.

Colin Taylor drew peg 126 at Langley and caught small roach on the pole to win the match, and a shot at the £13,000 top prize with 15-4-0.

Running him close was Rob Hewison who used the same tactics to weigh in 13-5-0 from peg 110 on Sluice Bend for second.
Rounding out the top three was Sam Merry fishing both pole and feeder to catch 12-12-0 from peg 95.

Rob Kepner (Devizes MG) weighed in 12-10-0 for fourth, ahead of Ian Smith with 12-8-0 and Richard Tomala on 12-6-0.

Our thanks to David Harrell for his continued support to the contest and a Special thanks go to Andy Wilson Sutter and for organising another excellent qualifier.


1. Colin Taylor 15-4-0
2. Rob Hewison 13-5-0
3. Sam Merry 12-12-0
4. Rob Kepner 12-10-0
5. Richard Tomala 12-6-0


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Riverfest Qualifier round 7

Tue 01 August 17 - The middle Trent at Shelford

Tactical switch puts Dave Stevenson into big money final

Sunday saw the sixth round of RiverFest qualifying take place on the middle Trent at Shelford, Hamms Bridge and East Bridgford. As these sections of the river had not seen a lot of match action for the last couple of seasons it was anyone’s guess what would happen and this created quite a buzz around the 57 competitors attending.

The river was carrying 10 inches of fresh water, which created questions as to whether the huge bream that used to dominate these sections would feed?

The winner on the day and booking his ticket for a shot at the £13,000 top prize in big November final was Dave Stevenson from Derby. Dave drew the down stream end peg 60 at East Bridge ford and after starting on a maggot feeder, he quickly hooked a large barbel that broke the hooklength. A change to pellet feeder and a stronger hooklength produced four more barbel and a chub for
39-9-0. One of the barbel was in excess of 12lb!

In second place and on the adjacent peg 59, Richard Wood, also from Derby pushed Dave all the way. Richard recorded a mostly skimmer catch of 36-1-0 on the groundbait feeder with worm on the hook.

Third place also came from East Bridgford, at peg 44, where the match organiser Alan Henry caught a mixed bag of skimmers, roach and dace on the groundbait feeder with caster or maggot on the hook for 28-6-0.

Fourth place and A Zone winner was Mick Dixon from Downham Market on pumper peg 12 at Shelford. This swim was once noted for its chub shoal and they didn’t disappoint this time as Mick caught nine good chub on the waggler and maggot for 27-10-0.

The final qualifier was Tom Noton at peg 39 at Hamms Bridge. Tom started on the groundbait feeder with maggot or caster hookbait and proceeded to catch dace and odd roach before a switch to the waggler for the last couple of hours to add more roach to his tally of 23-3-0.

A big thanks to Gary Pilsworth for his hard work of clearing the banks and pegging it the day before.


1. Dave Stevenson 39-9-0
2. Richard Wood 36-1-0
3. Alan Henry 28-6-0
4. Mick Dixon 27-10-0
5 Tom Noton 23-3-0


Dave Stevenson, Mick Dixon and Tom Noton


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Riverfest Qualifer round 6

Tue 01 August 17 - River Soar

Long whip approach secures top spot for Peter Morris

The River Soar hosted the seventh round of RiverFest qualifiers and although some decent weights were posted, it didn’t fish as well as the weeks leading up to the qualifier. This was down to clear cold water going into the system the day before.

A zone was split between Cossington and a new section at Sileby Mill and the former produced not only the winner, but also won the match.

Peter Morris drew the first peg below the Marina and attacked the 6ft deep swim with a seven-metre whip. Feeding small balls of groundbait with maggot on the hook, he amassed 200 fish for an excellent 26-0-0. Second overall from the top peg with an all roach catch of 20-15-0 was Barry Oliver.

Third on the day was Will Raison with another roach bag for 16-9-0. There were also a further eight double figure weights showing just how tight this section was.

B zone was split between Waterside, 1860, Greens and the Cobbles. The winner of this section was reigning RiverFest champion Paul Bick with an all skimmer catch of 14-4-0 on long pole over groundbait and worm head from the top end of the Greens.Second in the zone was former RiverFest champion Steve Sadler with a roach and perch catch of 12-11-0 from Waterside.

C zone was pegged on the Deeps and it was here that the Soar showed its moodier side after weeks of good weights from the area. This time, match organiser Tony Beech was winning the zone from peg two until Mal Hallows on peg one caught a 10oz skimmer on the last cast to weigh 9-14-0 and pip Tony by 4oz! Both caught on the feeder.

Special thanks go to Tony Beech for all his hard work in the build up and on the day.


1. Peter Morris 26-0-0
2. Barry Oliver 20-15-0
3. Will Raison 16-9-0
4. Paul Bick 14-4-0
5. Brian Rigby 13-5-0
6. Steve Sadler 12-11-0


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Riverfest Qualfier round 5

Sat 22 July 17 - Bristol Avon

Whittle Victorious on Bristol Avon

A few inches of extra water and more pace in the river had local anglers predicting big weights of bream before the draw at the latest RiverFest Qualifier at Newbridge.

The match winner at peg 50 was Ross on Wye based Hadrian Whittle with a superb 39-5-0 from a swim he’s drawn FIVE times in recent years!

“When I pulled out peg 50 in B zone I was more than happy,” he said after the match. “It’s the peg that organiser Kevin Dicks had won off last year and last week and both times I had drawn it for him. Prior to that, I’d drawn it twice for myself in previous qualifiers and somehow It was my turn again this time!

“The main flow was on this side of the river so my main line was pole at 13 metres where I threw in 12 balls of Sensas Gros Gardons and Magic at the start. I had 4lb of roach and perch in the first hour before the swim died. A switch to a flat float saw me foul hook a bream immediately, but unfortunately after 15 minutes playing it, I lost it at the net! The next hour was simply electric with four bream and four skimmers for 29lb plus which all came to a flat float and worm tactics.

“I continued to catch skimmers to the end adding about another 15 fish. I’m delighted to be in the final again as this is the title I want above all others!”

Runner up on the day was Kevin Hall who used feeder tactics and worms to catch five big bream and a skimmer late on at peg 3 in A zone for 33lb. England team manager Mark Downes got through to the final in a tough C zone with 8-7-0 from peg 134.

Special thanks go to Kevin Dicks for organising an excellent qualifier. The next RiverFest Qualifier – Sunday July 30th – River Trent, Shelford, Hamms Bridge, East Bridgford.


1. Hadrian Whittle 39-5-0
2. Kevin Hall 33-0-0
3. Dan Ashington 32-3-0
4. Craig Curtis 22-7-0
5 Tony Gilbert 21-0-0
6. Warren Bates 19-2-0


Hadrian Whittle, Kevin Hall and Mark Downes


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Riverfest Qualifier round 4

Sun 16 July 17 - River Tyne

Mike Kilpatrick leads the way on the Tyne

A very low, clear river combined with bright sunshine and a very strong downstream breeze made for a tough day on the Tyne for the 54 competitors.

Match winner was 71-year-old Helperby & Brafferton AC angler Mike Kilpatrick with an all dace net of 17-12-0. Mike was the downstream end peg above Wylam road bridge and he tackled the 4ft deep swim with stick float and maggot to catch quality dace.

Runner up was Maver Dynamite star Eddie Bridon with 16-10-0 of dace from the Beaufront section. Eddie caught his fish with a very light 4×10 rig on the end of a 12 metre pole, feeding groundbait and caster with maggot and caster hookbaits.

Joint third in the match with 9-4-0 were Shakespeare team man Andrew Murphy and DH Angling’s Pat Adams. Andrew, the first RiverFest winner back in 2013, used waggler and maggot and was pegged on the Bywell road section. Pat used the same method at his peg at Ovingham school. Fifth was Adrian Piggot with 7-9-0 and sixth in the frame was Jim Smith with 7-8-0.

Special thanks go to Steve Hoggins for organising an excellent qualifier.


1. Mike Kilpatrick 17-12-0
2. Eddie Bridon 16-10-0
3= Andrew Murphy 9-4-0
3= Pat Adams 9-4-0
5. Adrian Piggot 7-9-0
6. Jim Smith 7-8-0


Mike Kilpatrick, Eddie Bridon, Andrew Murphy

Next qualifier: Sunday, July 23rd – Bristol Avon


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Riverfest Qualifier round 3

Sat 08 July 17 - River Weaver

Scotthorne through to RiverFest 2017 final

At the draw, everyone was hoping to bag the point peg 5 on Hulses Island and when five times World Champion Alan Scotthorne drew it, most thought the match, at least in terms of an individual win, was over.

Five hours later, Alan put 43-4-0 of bream on the scales and won himself a place in the prestigious final for a shot at the £13,000 top prize!

“It’s been a fabulous day in the end, but when I got to the peg I had so many options that I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect,” a jubilant Alan said after this latest RiverFest qualifier on the River Weaver at Northwich.

“For starters, I wasn’t sure which way to face as I had a choice of fishing into the main river or into the canalised bit to the left. For that reason, I spent a long time plumbing all around the swim and eventually settled on fishing the pole with a 0.60g rig to my left in 8ft of water and the feeder 35m out to my right.

“The first hour was anything but plain sailing as I lost two good fish on the feeder when the line snagged up. After that, I made sure the fish were well up in the water before I brought them in. I lost three more big bream in the snag but landed 11 on that rig and four more on the pole to finish on 15.

“I’m delighted to be through to the final and will be giving it my best to try and win. I don’t know the river but I’ve heard some great things about it.”

Winner of B zone at peg 31 was Ben Roberts, who qualified on the same venue last year with a small fish catch. This time, he landed 24-4-0 of bream and skimmers to win a place in the final, which carries a prize pot approaching £40,000!

C zone winner was Steve Whitfield, the only angler to qualify for every final in the five years it has been running. Steve was at peg 48 where he landed 16-8-0 of skimmers on the feeder.

Special thanks go to Mike and Rod Scott for organising another very well run qualifier.


1. Alan Scotthorne 43-4-0 (peg 5)
2. Ben Roberts 24-4-0 (peg 31)
3. Steve Whitfield 16-8-0 (peg 48)
4. Paul Keeley 15-8-0 (peg 32)
5. Ray Malle 14-7-0 (peg 38)
6. Paul Bick 12-0-0 (peg 7)


Alan Scotthorne, Ben Roberts, Steve Whitfield

Next qualifier: Sunday, July 16th – River Tyne


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Riverfest Qualifier round 2

Sat 24 June 17 - River Swale

Chub on the Swale land Fletcher a crack at Riverfest’s £13,000 top prize

Nottingham angler Clive Fletcher made full use of a good draw on the Swale to win the second RiverFest 2017 qualifier, but it took a change of hookbait to earn him a shot at the £13,000 top prize in the big money November final.

After bringing a match-winning 40-12-0 to the scales, a delighted Clive said: “I started the match fishing hemp and caster on the waggler across to some far bank trees with 0.16mm line tied direct to a size 17 hook. The river was very low, but there were lots of fish moving in the swim.

“After half an hour I had two big chub in quick succession before a long blank spell. I switched from caster to 6mm meat on a size 12 hook and I added seven more big chub in the next three hours, losing a further three – one snagged, one hook pull and one that straightened the hook, which was probably a barbel

“I fed half a gallon of hemp and caster and a pint and a half of meat and by the end the swim was alive with fish but none were taking the hookbait, regardless of what was on the hook. The final hour and a half went by without a fish

“The chub went from three to over six pounds and they all went berserk trying to get into the far bank trees. It was touch and go with every fish hooked. I’m just relieved that I managed to hook and land enough to qualify.”

Winner of the top section was the youngest competitor on the match, 26-year-old Nick Jose at peg 25. Nick fished a great match and switched between waggler and bomb with caster and lobworm hookbaits to land 36-4-0 of chub and win a place in the final.

Winner of the bottom section was Matt Maginnis who made it two qualifications on the Swale in four attempts with a 32-1-0 catch of chub on waggler and caster from peg C5.

Anglers are reminded that as people qualify their remaining tickets go back into the computerised system for re-sale. The website is updated with all tickets available every Monday after a qualifier at 1pm.

Special thanks go to Kevin Weighell and his team from Northallerton AC for organising a very well run qualifier and to Dave Harrell for all his wonderful efforts coordinating the matches. Next qualifier is on Saturday, 8th July on the River Weaver.


1. Clive Fletcher 40-12-0 (peg 39)
2. Nick Jose 36-4-0 (peg 25)
3. Martin Jukes 34-14-0 (peg 51)
4. Steve Hoyle 33-14-0 (peg 27)
5. Lee Furness 33-2-0 (peg 40)
6. Matt Maginnis 32-1-0 (peg C5)


Clive Fletcher, Nick Jose, Matt Maginnis


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Riverfest Qualifier round 1

Sat 17 June 17 - River Calder

Miles in front on the Calder as Riverfest 2017 gets underway

The River Calder hosted the opening qualifier for Riverfest 2017 and with the prize pool growing to a massive £39,500 it was inevitable that the 60 peg match would be fully booked.

Leeds star Dave Miles became the first angler to book a place in the big money November final when he put 22lb 6oz on the scales from peg 43 on the Calder Bank section.

The catch put Dave 4lb clear of his nearest challenger but it was achieved with a species that Dave himself didn’t expect to catch.

“My swim was really shallow and I was told at the draw that there was a good chance of dace and maybe an odd chub,” he said. “No-one mentioned bream as they are never normally caught from the shallow pegs where I was so imagine my surprise when I landed four two-pounders to go with my three chub, grayling and dace!

“There was a little band of slow water past the main current and I caught my fish by easing a tiny 2AAA Speci Waggler across there. I fed really carefully and only used about half a pint of maggots all match.

“I’m delighted to be through to the final on the Wye. It’s a venue I love and I’ll be going all out to win the £13,000 top prize!”

The top end section was a close run affair, which was eventually won by Ian Dawson, who has qualified for three years on the trot on this venue!

Going into the last hour, no-one knew who was going to win this zone as several anglers were in the running but Ian took the qualifying place with a level 15-0-0 mixed bag on waggler and caster from peg 8.

The middle zone proved to the hardest on the day but Shakespeare team man James Robbins turned on the style and came out on top with a 9-14-0 mixed catch on the waggler and pole with maggots from peg 25.


1. Dave Miles 22-6-0 (peg 43)
2. Steve Clegg 18-3-0 (peg 42)
3. Ian Dawson 15-0-0 (peg 8)
4. Mark Turner 13-5-0 (peg 13)
5. Darren Frost 12-8-0 (peg 17)


Dave Miles, Ian Dawson, James Robbins


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Riverfest Final 2016

Wed 23 November 16 - Hereford - River Wye

Another cracking final as Paul Bick crowned RiverFest 2016 Champion

Riverfest Trophy

After 24 hard fought qualifiers all over the country, 72 anglers converged on the city of Hereford for the fourth RiverFest final. With the river at a decent level and producing very big weights in the previous few weeks, hopes were high for good catches.

A big temperature drop of 5.5c over the week leading up to the final threatened to slow things down, especially for those anglers on the upstream sections and, as expected, it was a slow start for many on Day One.

Spectators were treated to some excellent displays of float and feeder fishing though and the man way out in front after the first day was Shakespeare Bait-Tech team man Paul Bick.
Paul drew Peg 101, the last but one swim on the Tennis Courts section and put in a solid performance of feeder and float fishing to take top spot with 46-4-0 of chub and barbel. This weight put him 18lb clear of the field.

Runner up on the first day was Paul Downes at Peg 61 with 28-8-0 of dace, small chub and roach, all taken on long whip and flat float tactics.

In third position was Deron Harper who switched between running line and pole approaches for a 25-1-0 total at Peg 65.
A slowly rising and very cold and coloured river greeted the competitors on Day Two and the big question was, could anyone catch Paul Bick? The big temperature drop affected things badly but there were still some very respectable weights taken.

Leading the field on the second day was Nick West who fished long pole tactics with a very light rig at Peg 97, the top upstream swim on the Tennis Courts section. This brought him a run of quality chub for a 37-12-0 total, a weight that put him more than 20lb in front of his nearest challenger and catapulted him up the leaderboard.

Upstream at Peg 46, Paul Downes produced another great runner up performance, this time with two barbel on maggot feeder tactics for a 16-7-0 total. Third place went to Lee Harries with 15-4-0 of roach and dace from Peg 87.

While all this was going on, Day One leader Paul Bick was working hard at Peg 74 in the Railings section to take an excellent 8-14-0 of mostly perch.

After the two-day totals were added up, it was Paul Bick who held on to his first day lead to finish with 55-2-0, a total which won him £12,000 and the RiverFest Champion coveted trophy.

Runner up position and a cheque for £6,000 went to Paul Downes with 44-15-0 and in third spot, picking up £3,000 was Nick West with 42-4-0.

A total of £34,000 was paid out in prize money, the biggest river fishing prize pot in the world.

The Angling Trust would like to say a big thank you to event sponsors Thames Water, Severn Trent Water and Bait-Tech as well as all the organisers, clubs and associations who hosted qualifiers during 2016. A big thank you also goes to the Hereford and District AA for the use of their water for the final.

Work will start on RiverFest 2017 very soon and qualifier dates will be published on the Angling Trust website and on the dedicated Angling Trust RiverFest Facebook page.


1. Paul Bick 46-4-0
2. Paul Downes 28-8-0
3. Deron Harper 25-1-0
4. Simon Willsmore 24-4-0
5. Steve Hemingray 23-4-0
6. Sean Ashby 21-12-0
7. Ben Roberts 20-5-0
8. Tom Noton 18-2-0
9. Darren Frost 17-6-0
10. Steve Clark 16-15-0


1. Nick West 37-12-0
2. Paul Downes 16-7-0
3. Lee Harries 15-4-0
4. Tom Noton 15-0-0
5. Kevin Hall 13-3-0
6. Michael Nowicki 13-2-0
7. Sean Ashby 12-1-0
8. Anthony Avery 11-7-0
9. Will Raison 10-12-0
10. Ian Exley 10-8-0
10= Hadrian Whittle 10-8-0
10= Adrian Reynolds 10-8-0


1. Paul Bick 55-2-0
2. Paul Downes 44-15-0
3. Nick West 42-4-0
4. Sean Ashby 33-13-0
5. Tom Noton 33-2-0
6. Steve Clark 26-7-0
7. Deron Harper 25-1-0
8. Simon Willsmore 24-4-0
9. Steve Hemingray 23-4-0
10. Anthony Avery 22-13-0


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