Guru 2mm Micro Bait Bands

Fri 23 October 15


Standard bait bands, suitable for the bigger pellets used in the summer months, can prove to be too big for smaller pellets used during the colder winter months, where larger baits are often ignored. Being the clever chaps that they are, the Guru product development team took note of this and release the new for 2015

Guru 2mm Micro Bait Bands

These Guru super stretchy, durable latex bait bands are ideal for use with hard and soft hook baits including pellets, small band’ems etc. Plus you can pull then through bread discs, corn and meat when attached to a hair to be used as a bait stop to save changing hooklengths. Whilst the 2mm bands are obviously better matched to slightly smaller pellets, if the need arises, you can squeeze a 6mm pellet in one if required.

Final thoughts

Thee handy 2mm bait bands are very durable and once fitted to your hookbait, they grip the bait securely, so you can be assured it arrives at it’s destination still attached. There are approximately 100 2mm Micro Bait Bands in each pack and they’re now available from all leading Guru stockists and they sell for £2.99 per pack.


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