Tri-Cast X4 Specialist Feeder

Fri 10 October 14


Field Tested

Finding a feeder rod that can cover a magnitude of options and presentations is far from an easy these days, with the majority of manufacturers supplying rods designed to perform a specific duty. Breaking this trend, the design team at Tri-Cast have been listening to anglers on the bank and soon realised that there was a demand for a feeder rod that could offer both two different playing actions, as well as offering two different styles of bite indication. To cater to this gap in the market, they have release the Trilogy X4 Specialist Feeder. Over the past 8 weeks the UKMA team have been have been putting the 10ft-11ft option through it’s paces whilst match and pleasure fishing, read on to find out how well it would perform.

Vital Statistics

Trilogy X4 Specialist Feeder graphics

The Trilogy X4 Specialist Feeder are the latest additions to the superb Tri-Cast rod range. The X4 range offers two length options, the 10ft – 11ft suited to medium range work, casting 2ozs plus accurately up to 50. The second option is the 11ft – 12ft version, designed for casting a greater distances with bigger weights. Both rods in the range feature that standard top quality guides, reel seats and finish you would expect from a Tri-Cast rod with minimal graphics and the usual exceptional finish.


The Trilogy X4 Specialist feeder rods produce a full Parabolic action with progressive power in the middle sections. With a softer forgiving tip section. this enables the rod to absorb and cushion ferocious takes and when you’ve got a lump under the rod tip, every lung is absorbed by the blank, enabling you to keep total control of even the biggest of fish at all times. (this superb playing action is clearly demonstrated in the video at the bottom of the review)

The Trilogy X4 Specialist Feeder Components

Butt Section

Trilogy X4 Specialist Feeder butt section

The butt section features the standard Tri-Cast screw lock reel seat that’s very comfortable in your hand, strong guides, with a full cork butt with a duplon strip between the reel seat and cork to produce a very nice finish. The graphics are stylish but minimal which all you tackle tarts will find very appealing.

Tip Section One – Quiver

Quiver tip options

Both rods in the Trilogy X4 Specialist Feeder range are supplied with two top sections. Firstly you have the quiver top section. this is the longer top section with a very responsive action. To accompany this top section you get two glass put over quiver tips supplied as standard. The quiver tips are 1oz and 1.5oz adn between them they will offer perfect bite indication for species of all sizes.

Tip Section Two – Swing Tip

Swing Tips

The shorter second top section has an old school, screw attachment tip guide fitted. this has been fitted as standard to attach a swing tip (yes swing tips!!). You get two swing tips supplied as standard, that offer versatility in presentation. The first Swing Tip is 280mm (11 inches) long and has a medium action rubber fitted. The second Swing Tip is a shorter Tip at 204mm (8 inches) long with a Stiff rubber fitted. This shorter tip is described by Tri-Cast as being a ‘Wind Beater’ as it is perfect to use when conditions are a little choppy and you need more control in the wind.

Interchangeable soft rubber for the swing tips

You also get supplied as standard an interchangeable light rubber attachment. with brass threaded connector attached. This can be fitted to either of the swing tips to produce ultra-fine bite indications when targeting small species or fish that are feeding delicately.

Field Tests

With time to get out on the bank being a luxury over the past 10 weeks, I was determined to get the Trilogy X4 Specialist feeder out and test it properly. My first session was in a match targeting bream and tench up to double figures and carp from 5lbs up to a potential 20lbs plus. I arrived at the venue and fortunately drew a noted feeder swim with a comfortable 35 yard chuck to the island, perfect for a true test in a working environment. during the session I tames 4 carp up to 8lbs and a huge 8lbs bream, to comfortably win the match. Whilst playing these fish we soon realised that the X4 Specialist Feeder, although having a soft tip section the rod became a very powerful tool. at no point did I feel that even the biggest of fish landed were ever going to get the better of the rod.

My next session was to shoot the video to illustrate the rods performance live on the bank. In less than 90 minutes I landed 12 fish up to double figure utilising both the quiver and swing tip top sections. The noticeable difference between the quiver and swing tip tops is, the swing tip top section produces a more powerful action, making it ideal for large fish including big tench, bream and carp well into double figures. to my delight and disappointment, roughly twenty minutes after the cameras had gone, I had a ferocious take whilst still using the swing tip section and after a very hard ten minute battle I netted a stunning 18lbs mirror, Job Done!

Field Tet catch shot

Final Thoughts

In the opinion of the UKMa team this is arguably one of the most enjoyable and functional feeder rods we have had the privilege to review. Everything from the fish playing action, to the final finish is bang on! so if you are in the market place for a feeder rod that offers numerous presentation options with two different actions achievable. this could be the perfect rod for you. At £249.99 this is far from being a cheap rod but if you are looking for a feeder rod that incorporates modern technologies and manufacturing processes with a bit of old school magic thrown in for good measure, the UKMA team highly recommend you save your pennies and have a serious look at this high quality feeder rod.

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