Tri -Cast Trilogy XRS Power Margin 9m Part One

Sun 07 September 14


Fishing down the edge competitively requires a tool that is designed to take some serious punishment. Margin poles are designed specifically to deal with the continuous pounding that big margin fish put your pole through. If you don’t choose a tool that can deal with this type of punishment, you will soon pay the price. over the years the UKMA team have used and abused many top of the range margin poles but this latest offering from Lancashire based Tri-Cast definitely ticks all the boxes, have a read to find out what it has to offer you the angler.

Tri-Cast Trilogy XRS Margin Pole 9m

Vital Statistics

The Trilogy XRS Margin Pole 9m is a four section pole manufactured utilising the very latest Multi Lateral Carbon Materials and Ultra Lightweight Infused Resins.These materials combined with Tri-Cast’s very own , unique XRS ( Xtra Re enforced System ) production process, to produce a pole with exceptional wall and joint strength. At it’s full length of 9m
the Trilogy XRS Power Margin weighs in at a very light 466grms which is roughly the same as a feeder rod and reel.

In the standard package you get one Big Bore top two kit supplied inside the pole, plus an additional Big Bore top two kit to give you options whilst out on the bank.To transport the Trilogy XRS Powerr Margin around, it is supplied with a fully zipped padded sleeve with full Tri-Cast graphics for those of you who like people to know what gear you use. The pole is an out and out beast stopper, with an elastic rating of 25+, which will stop pretty much anything you are likely to encounter on any commercial fishery.

Key Feature

Unlike many margin poles that have a slim blank, The Trilogy XRS Power Margin 9m has a Larger diameter,so it feels like a standard match pole in your hands, with the added bonus of incredible strength to deal with the riggers of marginal hauling.


The Trilogy XRS Power Margin is possibly the most expensive margin pole on the market, carrying a full retail price of £399. fortunately they are offering a great deal at the moment, offering this high quality, British made margin pole at £329.99.

Official Price list

Extensions and spares


Tri-Cast have put a lot of thought into this area and supply two additional extensions to take the pole up to over 12m dependant on how much you cut the top kits back. The added bonus of the extensions is they all pack away into one tube saving you valuable space in your rod holdall, as the pole with extensions packs away into one tube.


The first extension measures 1.6m and takes the pole up to 10.6m and the second extension also measures in at 1.6m and this will then take the Trilogy XRS Power Margin up to a maximum length of 12.2m

Extension price list

Spare top kits and sections


Tri-Cast supply a comprehensive spares package offering replacement spare sections, please use the chart below to view all the spare options available for this pole.

Spares price list

Cupping Kit

Cupping Kit

Tri-Cast also supply to order a Cupping Kit for the Trilogy XRS Power Margin pole. It comes with a heavy duty attachment already fitted and ready to use. You also get two cups as standard, 1 large for those days when you’ve got to fill it in and a small for smaller amounts. the complete cupping kits sells for £59.99.

Foot Note

As you can see the Trilogy XRS Power Margin offers the complete bundle and if you are in the market for a top of the range margin pole, then the UKMA team highly recommend you take serious look at one before you spend your money. In Part Two we’ll be talking you through how we prepared the pole for use and also exactly how it performed whilst being used in a match fishing situation.



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