Tri-Cast Trilogy XRS Power Margin 9m Part Two

Thu 18 September 14


Tried and Tested in a match fishing environment

Trilogy XRS Power Margin 9m

After taking a good look at the Trilogy XRS Power Margin 9m in part one. We went about preparing the pole for use on a venue that holds large numbers of carp up to 26lbs, as well as bream and tench to near double figures. We opted to test the pole whilst fishing a series of matches on this very demanding and snaggy venue, to test it to the extreme. So after 40 hours on the bank landing some seriously big match carp, here’s how it performed.

Preparation for use

Internal PTFE

Internal PTFE

As a rule the UKMA team prefer to fit an internal PTFE on all top kits to eliminate any chance of the connector causing any damage when your elastic is at full stretch and you get a hook pull. Our chosen option is a 4.1mm PTFE which fits 30mm inside the pole, which strengthens the tip of the top kit preventing any chance of breakages when you get a hook pull and your connector flies back at incredible speed.


Elasticated top kit

When elasticating a margin pole you should always take into consideration the environment you are fishing and most importantly the stamp of fish you are likely to encounter. If you under-gun your elastics you will without question loose big fish or if you are over-gunned you may bump of the smaller residents. Taking into consideration the UKMA teams knowledge on this demanding venue, we opted to load both top kits with Red Hydrolstic, which is rated at 18 to 20 and more than up to the job.

Note – By cutting back and fitting a larger PTFE these top kits can more than adequately handle the Brown Hydrolastic, which is rate 22 to 24.



As they say “if it works, why change things” so the UKMa team opted to use a soft Stonfo style connector, for two reasons. Firstly because they cushion any impact when your elastic is flying back into the pole after a bump off and secondly because we prefer them to the now common place Dacron connector.

The six month match usage Field Test

On the bank tested

After using the Trilogy XRS Power Margin 9m for over 50 hours in a match fishing situation, the UKMA team know know why this beast of a pole has such a huge reputation. Everything we wanted the pole to do, it did, with no compromises in performance and power. After carefully studying the match diary, this excellent margin pole had dragged over 30 carp averaging 12lbs out of and away from all natural vegetation and snags with minimal effort.

Marginal rushes and bridge

When fishing tight to marginal rushes and man made features including bridges, we were able to steer fish away from these annoying snags with the minimal of effort and when required the pole produced massive amounts of torque to stop fish in their tracks. The rigidity of this beast of a margin pole made presenting rigs tight a very simple task, enabling spot on presentation even when being used with the extensions fitted.

open water lily pads

When the situation pop up that we had to fish in open water tight to large beds of open water lily pads. Yet again the Trilogy XRS Power Margin 9m performed the task superbly. Our current record fish on this margin pole was taken whilst fishing in this situation and that beast weighed in at just under 18lbs. By hitting and putting the pole into a full curve , we were able to make this huge lump stop and turn before it could find sanctuary in the pads and steer it into open water in seconds, very impressive!

Final Thoughts

After using the Tri-Cast Trilogy XRS Poer Margin 9m in a match fishing situation several times, the UKMa team can categorically inform yo that this excellent tool is worth every penny of its sizeable price tag! Even whilst battling the largest of fish away from serious snags, at no point did I ever feel that the pole would let us down. n several occasions whilst fishing matches, after the weigh in , I’ve had anglers approach me to find out what I was using, they were so impressed with its performance whilst playing big lumps.

Power Margin 9m graphics

Would the UKMA team recommend this pole to you the anglers? dam right we would! This is arguably the best margin pole we have ever used, out doing it’s predecessor from the Tri-Cast range by a long shot, which takes some doing! For just under £330 you get a seriously strong, lightweight and incredibly powerful margin pole that is 100% up for the job it has been designed for.

Foot Note – to demonstrate the performance of the Tri-Cast Trilogy XRS Power Margin 9m, the UKMA team have put together a demonstration video to show the pole in action!



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