Tri-cast Trilogy Competition Pro2 16.5m - Part 1

Fri 05 September 14


When looking at investing over £2,500+ on a competition pole, you have to make sure that the money you are spending is money well spent. Looking at reviews in the magazines can sometimes be a little bit misleading and more often than not, only offer information on poles based on manufacturers specifications, and if they do a users report, the review is based on the pole being used for a short period of time, which let’s face it is not a review but an advertorial that can be found on the manufacturers website in most cases.

To break this trend of non informative pole reviews, the UKMA team were approached by Lancashire based pole and rod manufacturers TRI-CAST who set us a challenge. They asked the UKMA team to use their top of the range TRILOGY PRO 2 COMPETITION POLE 16.5m over several weeks in a match angling environment to demonstrate its performance in all weathers and whilst targeting fish of all sizes from both commercial and natural fisheries. So after three months of arduous use, here’s what the UKMA team think of the TRIOGY PRO2 COMPETITION POLE 16.5m

Vital Statistics

The Main Pole

The TRILOGY PRO2 COMPETITION POLE 16.5m is an eight section pole that has been manufactured using TR-CAST’s very own unique Multi Lateral High Modulus Carbon combined with Ultra Light Resins. This combination of materials are infused in a specialised production process, to produce ultra light weight and incredibly strong wall strength. All female joints are reinforce with a carbon wrap to increase joint strength and life expectancy, without adding too much addition weight or affecting the poles all round feel. All the main sections of the pole feature a non-stick finish which enables you to ship the pole in and out at the poles full length (16.5m) with none of the usual “sticking” that you experience when shipping a pole especially in wet weather conditions.

All sections from the No.3 up to the 14m section store inside each other to reduce the amount of tubes required for storage and transportation. The 15.7m section features minimal and stylish graphics, this parallel section has to be stored in its own tube but there is enough room inside to store a couple of top kits or cupping kits so no wasted space in your rod holdall. To take the pole up to its full 16.5m length you get a 800mm long Mini Butt extension that fits perfectly onto the end of either the 14m or 15.7m extensions to give that extra length when you need it to reach far bank margins or features like islands or reed beds. Because this section is also parallel it does need another tube but yet again other pole sections can be stored inside to save space inside your holdall.

The Top Kits Package

It is common place these days to receive a comprehensive top kit package with a top of the range pole and the TRILOGY PRO2 COMPETITION 16.5m offers you exactly that. All of the top kits have been manufactured from a lighter material than the main pole sections to eliminate as much pole droop as possible when fishing at full length. How TRI-CAST have achieved this we’re not 100% sure but they have without reducing the strength or performance of the top kits. You get as standard 1 x Match Top 4 Kit in the pole 3 x Match Top 3 kits. These measure 326cm in total length and are rated to a No.12 elastic. The UKMA team recommend that you totally remove the supplied flick tip (No.1 section), which will leave you with a match top two that measures 249cm.

For the majority of pole anglers, you need top kits with a bit of power and with the TRILOGY PRO2 COMPETITION you get 3 x Big Bore Power Top 2 kits supplied as standard. These are rated to a 16 elastic and they measure in at 288.5cm in total length. One of the key features of all the top kits supplied with the TRILOGY PRO2 COMPETITION is the reinforced areas found on both the No.1 and No.2 sections of the Big Bore power kits and Match Top 3’s. You have a 25mm wide reinforced section to allow you to drill a hole to insert a side puller. The reinforced wall section is located 235mm above the female end of each section and offers the user the choice of side pullers or standard puller bungs, based on your own personal preference.

Spare No.3’s

One of the sections on all poles that are prone to breakages and wear & tear has to be the No.4 or as they are called in this case the No.3 section. As you are constantly breaking the pole down at this point, this means that the male end or the end that goes into your top kits is prone to wearing down during standard usage. To assist with this problem you get a second full No.3 (4) which is incorporated into the aforementioned spare match top four that is supplied in the package. You also get a short or as TRI-CAST call them a Interex Short No 3 Section, which enables you to increase the stiffness of the pole, which comes into its own in windy conditions, when you need total control of the pole at all time.

Cupping Kit

With the Match and Big Bore top kits being different lengths (26cm difference when cut back) TRI-CAST have come up with a three part cupping kit to deal with this problem. You get a No.2 section and two different length, reinforced No.1 sections. both of the No.1’s are fitted with standard screw thread attachments and they’ve been produced to perfectly match the associate top kits. The shortest No.1 has been cut to the perfect length for use with the shorter match kits and the longer No.1 is cut to accompany the Big Bore top kits. You also get supplied as standard two solid plastic pole cups, one small and one large to cover all your feeding situations.

Super Deluxe Pole Holdall

To transport the pole and all the top kits around you need a large rod holdall and inclusive in the package you get the TRI-CAST Super Deluxe Pole Holdall. This enormous rod holdall features two main compartments that will comfortably hold enough tubes (six in each) to store your pole, top kits, spare sections, cupping kits and extensions, with enough room for a margin pole, landing net handles and spare rods with room to spare. To keep the supplied as standard tubes in place, you have two Velcro fastenings per tube to keep them securely in place and at the bottom of each face is a retaining pocket to keep everything nice and tidy. On the front panel you have two pockets, one small for bank sticks etc and a larger pocket for umbrellas etc.

All compartments and pockets have two way easy glide zips for easy access to your kit inside. To finish the holdall off, on the back panel are three rod sleeve retainers with double clip lock fastenings and retainer pouches at the base. These are designed to securely hold the TRI-CAST SINGLE PADDED ROD SLEEVES (supplied separately) to transform the holdall into a complete rod and pole transportation system. To carry this massive holdall around when it is fully loaded, you have a fully adjustable shoulder strap or if you prefer there is a moulded and very comfortable to use carry handle that is perfectly located to balance the load when in transit (makes a change).

Inside the rear compartment of the rod holdall you have a zipped pouch, this contains your two pole cups, a black fishing towel and a baseball cap with the full TRI-CAST logo. these are supplied FOC as part of the package. To boost your top kits, you also get a Promotional Voucher which entitles you the angler to receive Free of Charge, a choice of either an extra match Top 3, or, a Big Bore Top 2 Power Kit.
To summarise, The TRILOGY PRO2 COMPETITION 16.5m is a comprehensive, well thought out pole package that has everything that the match angler needs. It has a full RRP of £3,249.99 but is currently available from all TR-CAST stockists at the SSP of £2,249, which is exceptional value for money for a pole of this quality.

Foot Note

Well that’s part one of our comprehensive look at the TRILOGY PRO2 COMPETITION 16.5m finished. The only thing left for the UKMA team to do is get it ready for competitive use and get out on the bank to see how well it performs in a match angling environment and all will be revealed in part two.


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