Tri-Cast Trilogy Commercial Feeder Rod 8ft

Tue 01 December 15



Tri-Cast rod build and performance has been highly respected by the match angling fraternities for many years now. The range has developed to the demands of the modern day angler over this time without compromising on build quality and performance. With the trend now being for two piece rods, that can be stored made up in the holdall, Steve Hopkinson and the Tri-Cast design team have now released a range of feeder and float rods, specifically designed for these demands, introducing the Trilogy Commercial rods. Read on as we field test the shortest rod in the range, the Trilogy Commercial Feeder Rod 8ft.

Tri-Cast Trilogy Commercial Feeder Rod 8ft

Vital Statistics

This two piece rod unlike previous models from Tri-cast rods
breaks down into 2 sections for ease of carrying already set up in a Ready Rod Hard Case Holdall. The rods pencil thin blank is manufactured Utilising a special Carbon material that is used within Tri-Casts British Military contracts, alongside a unique manufacturing process. The action of the rod has been designed with two important factors taken into consideration. The first is to have the correct amount of stiffness in the blank which ensures the maximum accuracy in casting. This is followed up with the correct action from the tip section, which produces superb bite indication bite indication. then when required, the power gradually increases without a fear of the blank locking up, even when playing double figure fish.

This incredibly light weight rod has been furnished with very high quality fixtures and fittings throughout. Starting from the butt section, you have a full cork hand, that in our opinion is perfect length. This then blends into the Duplon tipped winch reel seat, which features the Tri-Cast branding in silver with a blue background. Just above the the front of the reel seat, on the underside of the blank, you have pivoting hook retainer to save you having to connect your hook to the guides.

The rod features the very latest and most advanced guides from the U.S.A. which have been fitted to enhance the performance of the blank. The guides, which are a gun smoke grey, are super-light ring lock guides. Developed with small feet to eliminate any flat spots where the guides are whipped onto the blank. As an added bonus these guides incorporate a system whereas the centres of the guides cannot pull out, which to our knowledge is a first. All guides are finished off with a metallic blue whipping, with a silver tip for all of you who like your rods to have a bit of bling.

Three push in tips supplied as standard

There are 3 interchangeable Carbon Push in Tips supplied as standard with this rod, Light, Medium and Heavy which also been specially designed and produced to continue the natural curve of the blank. Push in Tips have been produced this time as Tri-Cast have learned by listening to anglers that these were the kind of tips they preferred over the Push Over style of tips that are common place on the other rods in the Tri-Cast range.

Supplied in a three section bag

To complete the Trilogy Commercial Feeder Rod 8ft package, you get a deep blue, three compartment rod bag with white Tri-Cast branding and a solid clear plastic tube to store your tips in.

The Field Test

For the field tested with loaded the rod with a 300 sized reel loaded with 6lbs mono reel line. With the rod having a maximum casting weight of 15g, we opted to fish the pellet cone with a 1/2oz lead. We clipped up close to an island at 19m and before putting a baited rig out, we tested the casting abilities of the rod and at this short distance, we were able to easily put the lead on a dinner plate, in a 12 inch wide hole in the far bank marginal vegetation.

19m chuck to the island

We then loaded the baited rig and cast to the spot, once again right on the money. Five minutes later, we noticed a couple of small line bites before the tip moved forwards and developed into a steady pull round. This produced a nice curve to the tip section that lead to a spirited fight from a beautiful 2lbs goldfish. Not a massive fish but the rod was more than capable of holding it’s own from the fishes spirited fight.

The Trilogy Commercial Feeder Rod 8ft in action playing a double figure common

We recast yet again and after a short wait, the medium tip flew round and it was fish on! The rod instantly responded with a flawless curve and this time it was a proper lump. after manoeuvring the fish away from marginal snags, we were instantly shocked by the amount of mid to butt section power it produced this super slim blank produced. Once the fish was under the rod tip, we soon realised that this rod had some incredible playing power, whilst not locking up even when the double figured common at the other end was doing it’s best to make a break for freedom.

Final Thoughts.

After using the Trilogy Commercial Feeder Rod 8ft on a water that could potential make it really earn its keep, we soon learned that looks can be deceiving. Although incredibly slim, it was more than capable of landing double figured fish on relatively light gear. All aspects of the rod build are A-class, including the very comfortable in the hand reel seat, solid guides and most importantly exceptional performance from this very lightweight blank.

In the opinion of the UKMA team, Tri-Cast have got this rod spot on. The all round performance matches any other short feeder rod in this price category we have used or test over many years and categorically recommend it to any match angler who required a short distance feeder rod.

Foot Note – The Trilogy Commercial Feeder Rod 8ft is now available from all authorised Tri-Cast stockist and sells for the SSP of £145.99 which is exceptional value for money.


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