Tri-Cast Trilogy 2 XRS Power Margin Pole

Fri 13 October 17


After nearly 3 years of using the Tri-Cast Trilogy margin pole, with no breaks, fish to nearly 20lbs banked and numerous match wins under its belt. The UKMA team thought we’d found the utopia of margin poles, as this was proving to be the very best margin pole that the team have used and tested. However, when Tri-Cast’s very own Stephan Hopkinson informed us of the release of the Trilogy 2 earlier this year, with claims of it being, stiffer, stronger and lighter, we simply had to put it through its paces.

Tri-Cast Trilogy 2 Power XRS Margin Pole

Vital Statistics

The Trilogy 2 Power Margin pole is a 4 section, 9m as standard power pole. The for sections of this pole are virtually bomb proof, offering great all round strength and reliability. The finish is absolutely gorgeous to ship in and out, net sticking to your hands even when wet. The butt section of the Trilogy 2 features minimal graphics that give the pole a bespoke appearance, which is very classy to look at, rather than having the now common place multi coloured sections.

The rigidity and strength of the Trilogy 2 has been greatly improved over it’s predecessor by utilising a unique carbon process. This brand new Military grade material which has never been seen before, has outstanding qualities which has made it possible for this pole to comfortably out perform its older brother. Lighter, stiffer and most definitely stronger is the claim and yes it is without question.

Tri-Cast Trilogy 2 XRS Power Margin Pole Top Kits

The Trilogy 2 comes supplied as standard with 2 Big Bore Power Top 2’s. These exceptionally strong top kits are rated to 25+ and can comfortably take the strongest of hollow elastics up to brown Hydrolastic or equivalent. Plus you can use a double ten solid with total confidence that these big bore top kits can handle the pressure. As an even bigger bonus, the Trilogy 2 is made on the same mandrel as it’s predecessor, meaning if you have the original Trilogy margin pole, your top kits are totally compatible.

Tri-Cast Trilogy 2 XRS Power Margin Pole Extentions

Spare & Accessories

There are two extensions available that give you that extra distance that is sometimes required to find the fish down the edge. The first one takes the pole up to 10.6mtrs and the second to 12.2mtrs. Both of these extensions are not parallel, meaning you can pack away into one. This enables you to get the full 12.2m bundle in one tube, saving valuable space in your rod holdall. there is also a top 2 cupping kit available for the Trilogy 2, this is supplied with a small and large cup, giving you everything you need in one tidy bundle.

Package Technical Specifications

LENGTH : 9 Mtrs.
SPARE KIT : Big Bore Top 2 Kit (length of top 2 kit is 2.77mtrs)
CARBON GRADE : Military Grade
WEIGHT : 438 gms.
SECTIONS : 6 Sections

Field Test Report

Over the past few months we’ve put the Tri-Cast Trilogy 2 XRS Power Margin Pole through hell and back to see if we could break it and we couldn’t. fishing with a tight 20+ elastic and heavy rigs, the pole coped with ever demand of margin fishing you are likely to encounter. From short range close in work, fishing with the top kit plus one, to fishing against snags at 12m in windy conditions, this power house of a pole does it all.

We soon realised that the Trilogy 2 was most definitely, stronger than its predecessor, noticeably lighter and most importantly stiffer. All these key attributes have made the use of this pole a absolute joy to use, taking the performance of margin poles to a whole new level. It feels as good as many poles in the £1500 price bracket at 12.2m that we’ve used or tested, whilst offering outstanding strength and durability.

In the opinion of the UKMA team and based on the performance of other products of a similar type that we’ve tested and used for a long time, the Tri-Cast Trilogy 2 XRS Power Margin Pole 9m is the best margin pole we’ve used. There may be others on the market that are as good but based on our own experiences, we can highly recommend this product as the perfect tool for the job.

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