Tri-Cast Commercial Rods part 1

Mon 07 November 16


Tri-Cast released the Trilogy Commercial rod range earlier this year and it has had some exceptional reviews and accolades from the angling press and anglers alike. After taking all of these positive comments on board, the UKMA decided to offer you the angler a review on these rods based on actual long term usage, rather than just using them on a fished packed commercial fishery for a couple of hours. During this three part review, the team will be well and truly evaluate exactly what these rods can do and what they have to offer your angling.

Here’s what TRi-Cast had to say

TRi-Cast’s sales manager Steve Hopkinson told usThis range of 5 rods, 2 Waggler and 3 Feeder rods, has been in development for the past 18 months and we believe that now we cannot take them any further. Using an ultra-special Carbon material used within our British Military contracts, alongside a unique manufacturing process, these rods are so technologically advanced, they leave all other rods years behind”.

Steve continues “_The blanks are pencil slim and ultra-light, you hardly know you are holding them. The very latest and most advanced guides from the U.S.A. are fitted to enhance the performance of the already outstanding blank.

The guides, which are a gun smoke grey, are superlight ring lock guides. Developed with small feet to eliminate any flat spots where the guides are whipped onto the blank. Can be used with any lines or braid and incorporate a system whereas the centre’s of the guides cannot pull out. Superb action throughout the blank gives it the perfect balance of stiffness to aid in accurate casting plus lightning fast line pick up, with the subtle softness to give it more power and control than you will believe is possible. All in all these rods are perfect for today’s commercial fisheries and methods_”.


Trilogy Commercial Wagglers

Trilogy Commercial Wagglers

There are two models in this range.. An 11ft 6 and a 12ft model. Both of these rods break into two sections for ease of carrying in a Ready Rod Hard Case Holdall. The 12ft version has the extra length to cope with greater casting distances and has a little more power in the bottom section to aid control of the larger fish. Both have the new guides and quality reel fittings. Superb rods to use and with a super-fast line pick up, you can be assured of hitting more of those bites which these days are becoming faster and faster.

11FT 6 Trilogy Commercial Wagglers – SSP £ 179.99
12FT Trilogy Commercial Wagglers – SSP £ 189.99


Trilogy Commercial Feeders

Trilogy Commercial Feeders

Three rods make up this range.. A 8ft , 10ft and 11ft model.
Once again as with the Waggler rods, all three of these feeder rods break down into 2 sections for ease of carrying already set up in a Ready Rod Hard Case Holdall. The same material in the blank and same guides and fittings give you a feeder rod with a perfect action and has eliminated every single flat spot. There are 3 interchangeable Carbon Push in Tips with each rod, Light, Medium and Heavy which also been specially designed and produced to continue the natural curve of the blank. Push in Tips have been produced this time as it seemed to us that these were the kind of tips anglers preferred over our previous Push Over Tips.

The action of the rod has been designed with two major considerations taken in mind. The first is to have the correct amount of stiffness in the blank which ensures the maximum accuracy in casting. This is followed by have the correct action from the tip section which allows very easy bite indication and then to gradually increase the power as the larger fish fight. The harder the fish is fighting then the more you can gradually increase the power you put on without a fear of the blank locking up. The angling press have all agreed that these rods are streets ahead of anything they have tested for many a long year. But don’t take their, or our word for it, see for yourself.

8FT Trilogy Commercial Feeder Rod – SSP £145.99
10FT Trilogy Commercial Feeder Rod – SSP £182.99
11FT Trilogy Commercial Feeder Rod – SSP £196.99


So loaded with all the information above, the UKMA team selected two of the rods from the range for us to put through their paces over the coming months. The Waggler option we chose is the 11ft 6’ version, and the feeder of our choice is the 11ft option as these rods were suitable to cover all of our angling requirements both on natural and commercial fisheries.

For our first impressions review, we headed down to Rookery Waters in Cambridgeshire to get a feel for the rods and to get a feel of them actually in a working environment for the first time.

To find out how the performed, we have put together a video to show of the range and talk you through how they performed and a few of the key features they have to offer you the angler.



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