Shimano 4000 Aero Feeder FA Reel

Tue 11 February 14


For many years I have been a great lover of feeder fishing, especially on waters where a big chuck is required. With many of the 4000 sized reels available on the market having relatively small spools, hit big distances with reel lines of 8lbs plus has been a major task with many anglers opting to use mini big pit reels for this type of work. The one major disadvantage of using this type of reel is they are quite heavy and because of the size of the reel they have a habit of making the rod feel unbalanced and awkward to control. To assist with this issue, those clever people at SHIMANO have developed the perfect solution. A feeder reel with a 4000 sized body but with a 5000 equivalent sized spool fitted as standard, introducing the 4000 AERO FEEDER FA.

Shimano Aero 4000 Feeder FA

Vital Statistics

This is a reel that every possible function to improve all round performance has been taken into consideration by the SHIMANO development team, utilising their strong engineering background and Japanese technologies to produce a reel of pure quality.

It weighs in at 340g and features X-ship this produces superb all round rigidity & tremendous amount of cranking power that as we all know is an essential requirement of any top quality feeder reel. You also have an oversized A-RC Spool for improved casting potentials and rotor for high speed retrieve, which comes in real handy when fishing at long distances. To aid casting potentials even further the 4000 AERO FEEDER FA also features the Aero Wrap II which produces exceptional line lay which comes in handy when fishing either standard monofilament lines as well as low diameter braided lines increasing the casting distance potentials even more.

Other key features include a machined aluminium single T-shaped handle, Floating Shaft II, Super Stopper II, a very impressive 5.8:1 gear ratio that makes light work of retrieving large amounts of line. It is also supplied with 1 cold forged aluminium spool fitted to the reel and 1 other spare supplied as standard. To make loading the spools with lower diameters a much simpler task, you also get 2 shallow line reducers that clip onto the spool, removing the need for backing line when using low diameter braids. The 4000 AERO FEEDER FA offers the angler a complete package. It full caters to the requirements of any serious feeder angler without cutting any corners. On first look I was very impressed but you should never judge a book by its cover, so I loaded it up with 8lbs mono and headed off to a local runs water to see how well it performed out on the bank.

Shimano Aero 4000 Feeder FA strip

The Field Test

I mounted the 4000AERO FEEDER FA onto a 12ft feeder rod and set up on a lake that holds a good head of fish between 6lbs and 20lbs to see how it would cope after a few big lumps tried to pull its guts out. I fished a 25g method feeder at approximately 65yds, as I knew there was a deep channel that runs virtually the full length of the lake and it is renowned for holding large numbers of the bigger fish that reside in this solid venue. First things first, the line lay achievable with 8lbs mono is absolutely flawless. Whilst loading the spools with line, this was the first time I had the opportunity to experience the smoothness of the gearing and the exceptional line lay that can be achieved when using the 4000 AERO FEEDER FA (very impressive). After clipping up to my desired location, I loaded my rig up for my first cast. I found casting small loaded method feeder into a 15mph head wind at 65yds an absolute doddle and this was greatly assisted by the tapered lip of the spool which allows line to peel of totally unrestricted.

Shimano Aero 4000 Feeder FA 3

I sunk my line and proceeded to adjust the clutch to ensure that it was set perfect. This is made very easy to do, simply make minimal adjustments to the front drag, until you are totally happy with the tension setting and job done! Another small but essential feature to distance and accurate casting that impressed me was the spring loaded line clip. It securely held my line in place when casting and after 30 or so casts, I checked the line and there was no visible damage done whatsoever. After my second cast my rod tip headed towards the middle of the lake and after leaning into the take it was ‘fish on’! I soon realised that I was into very reasonable fish judging by the bend in my rod. Now was the time for me to study the reel as it worked under pressure and dealt with the laborious task of controlling a double figure fish on relatively light tackle in deep water, which always makes for some serious squeaky bum moments especially on a size 18 barbless hook.

This was the time when I realised just how much cranking power the 4000 AERO FEEDER FA could actually produce when needed. After only a couple of minutes I had the fish under my rod tip, diving all over the place in the deep margins bidding for its freedom. During a few of the major lunges, this was the first time the clutch was put through it s pace and did it perform well? Dam right it did! Every burst for freedom was counterbalanced by a slow but steady release of line from the spool as the clutch performed its task perfectly, very impressive!! So with the fish now ready to meet its nemesis (me), it was scooped into the landing net and upon inspection I had landed a stunning 14lbs silver grey mirror carp that weigh in at round 14lbs, may be slightly more. With the weather slowly deteriorating I managed to land another carp, this time a 9lbs fully scaled pristine mirror of just under 10lbs with yet again no issues about the amount of control the 4000 AERO FEEDER FA had to offer in a fish playing situation.

Shimano Aero 4000 Feeder FA 4

Final Thoughts

Based on a single session out on the bank, The UKMA team can inform you that the 4000 AERO FEEDER FA from SHIMANO is one very impressive feeder reel. All the attributes you would expect from a SHIMANO reel including impeccable line lay, ultra- smooth gearing and masses of power were all present and correct. The fact that this impressive reel has a front drag system (my personal preference) instantly got my attention, as I find it a lot easier to make fine adjustments when playing a fish is under your rod tip over rear drag systems but that is my own personal preference.

All in all, the 4000 AERO FEEDER FA ticked all the boxes I needed ticking for my own feeder fishing requirements and performed in a class of its own. The bit that may scare many of your is that the 4000 AERO FEEDER FA from SHIMANO carries a hefty RRP of £199.00 but it is well worth every penny of that based on its performance whilst under bank side field testing situations. Obviously if you shop around on-line, you can make some major savings but the UKMA team would highly recommend you have a serious look at one of these if you’re in the market for a top quality feeder reel.


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