Frenzee FXT 12ft Power + Feeder

Tue 20 October 15


Long term field test

With the majority of feeder rod manufacturers now producing mainly rods designed for the commercial fishery scene. Trying to get your hands on a good quality, all round power feeder rod that offers the ability to cast big weights at range, whilst also offering a nice playing action can be hard work to say the least. After having a nose around on the internet, after some searching the UKMA team discovered the FXT 12ft Power + Feeder from rising stars of the match tackle industry Frenzee.

Freenzee FXT 12ft Power + Feeder

Vital Statisics

Frenzee FXT 12ft Power + Feeder is built on a mat black, slim High Modulous blank, that produces an anti-lock parabolic action makes that is designed to produce a flawless curve whilst playing fish. the blanks pressure distribution is achieved by the critical placement of the over sized SiC guides that are fitted throughout this rod. These larger than normal guides also serve another purpose, which we’ll go into in detail on later in the review.

Over sized SIC Guides fitted throughout

The rods butt section incorporates a low profile, screw winch reel seat that very comfortable in the hand. This is tipped off with a Duplon front screw down section, that full encapsulate the reel seats threaded section once your reel is secured in place. The reel seat will securely hold reels up to big pit size, which all you distance casters will find very handy.

From the butt of the rod to the reel seat, you have a slim, well finished full cork butt section that measure in at 585cm from the logo’d but cap to the front of the Duplon on the reel seat. This addition length of handle, enables you to full compress the rods blank on casting, thus giving you optimum power on the cast.

The rod is supplied as standard with three carbon quiver tips, these are 2oz, 3oz and 4oz and all are fitted with over sized guides. These larger than standard guides prevent “line slap”, making the casting distance achievable with this rod far superior than rods fitted with smaller guides. all tips are as the blank, a mat black in colour and feature a bright red area between the two end guides to make bit e indication much easier in bad light conditions.

Three quiver tips supplied as standard

To Complete the package, the rod is supplied in black velvet like material cloth bag, This has two machined compartments for the two sections of the rod and a small side compartment to store the slim plastic quiver tip tube.


The long term field test

Our first outing with the FXT 12ft Power + Feeder was on a well stocked commercial fishery that held a good stock of tench to 6lbs plus and carp from 4lbs up to mid twenties. With the lake being roughly 5 acres in size, this would give us a chance to get used to the rods casting capabilities, as well as the all round performance of the rods blank.

We attached a 4000 sized reel, loaded with 8lbs mono reel line and attached a 3 oz carp lead to the snap swivel to do a bit of feature finding and asses the rods casting capabilities. On the first cast, we targeted the far bank rushes, which were roughly 100 yards away and we easily got within a few feet of the far banks vegetation (very impressive). So after finding a nice clay ridge at 50 yards, we clipped up and got ready to get a loaded method feeder attached and on our chosen spot.

We cast out a 36g method feeder, loaded with micro pellets and waited for the first signs of life. After a minute, the 2oz carbon tip flew round and we were into a proper little scraper that produced a glorious curve to the rods blank. The fish was instantly under control and after a hardy battle, we slipped the net under a 5lbs plus mirror.

This two hour session produced several carp to low double figures and four tench to 5lbs, which were all controlled and played perfectly by the rods powerful, yet forgiving parabolic blank. Over the next few weeks, we returned to the venue and the rod had started to earn a very favourable reputation for itself whilst the UKMA team were testing it.

Our next challenge for the rod was to put it through its pace on the huge Ferry Meadows complex, near Peterborough, in search of skimmers and big bream whilst fishing conventional feeder tactics. With distance casting being a must when targeting the venues big bream, we loaded the rod with a mini big pit reel loaded with 10lbs braid. We were comfortably able to cast a 50g loaded feeder well over 100 yards accurately to a clip every cast.

During the session, we landed skimmers fro 8ozs up to 1.5lbs, as well as half a dozen big bream from 4lbs up to nearly 8lbs. With the 3oz carbon tip fitted, we were able to register all bites clearly, whilst play the fish with a degree of authority as well as control at all times.

Key Feature

This session also clearly illustrated why the rod is fitted with over sized guides. The front butt guide sits 69cm from the front lip of the reels spool, which greatly reduces the angle at which the line enters the guide, virtually eliminating “line slap” which greatly increases the casting potential of the rod.

The final field test

Our final test was to evaluate how the rod would perform on a a natural venue, where the resident fish hugged a snag lined island. This would give us a chance to see how the rod would perform whilst fishing locked up, basically a “hit and hold” approach. to make things really interesting, we chose a noted feeder swim, where to catch fish, you have to fish in between two large beds of rushes.

Yet again we loaded the rod with a robust 4000 sized reel with a 8lbs reel line. We opted to use the 4oz carbon tip and again we fished the method feeder loaded with micro pellets with a 10mm boilie hookbait. Clipped up, we cast to the spot and placed the rod on the rest. To our surprise, after a short wait, the carbon tip slammed round and we put the rod into a full powerful curve. The fish instantly swam out into open water, away from any potential marginal snags, and after a very hard battle a 10lbs plus common slipped into the landing net.


A perfect parabolic playing action with loads of power in reserve

As you can clearly see from the image above, once the fish was basically hauled away from the far margin hazzrds, the rod then performed flawlessly, responding to every movement of the fish. Even when the fish fried to take me back to the area it had come from, the blank responded with a powerful responsive curve that made playing what turned out to be a 12lb common a more than comfortable experience.

Final Thoughts

Over a 4 month period, the UKMA team have used the FXT 12ft Power + Feeder for numerous tasks and on each occasion, it has performed excellently. Everything from hit and hold feeder tactics on a natural venue, to finesse bream feeder tactics at long range on a huge venue. This stunning rod has performed to a very high standard. It is suitable for use with mono lines up to 10lbs, as well as all braided feeder lines.

Total control at all times is what the Frenzee FXT 12ft Power + Feeder has to offer

As far as casting ability, the UKMA team have not used a 12 ft feeder rod since the days of the Porky Pig that can cast as far and accurately as the FXT 12ft Power + Feeder. this is an all round work horse that will comfortably cover the needs of all anglers who need to cast big weights at range, whilst retaining spot on accuracy, every time.

Foot Note – The FXT 12ft Power + Feeder is available from all Frenzee stockist and you should expect to pay £159.99 which in our opinion is excellent value for money.



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