Drennan Red Range RX Carp 13m

Thu 21 April 16


It’s very rare that you’ll find an informative review on a budget end pole but here’s one that deserves the “Full Monty” based on how it performed on the bank and the package you get for your money. Introducing the superb value for money Drennan Red Range RX Carp 13m.

Drennan Red Range RX Carp 13m

Vital Statistics

This excellent entry level pole features seven sections, all of these have been fully reinforced throughout for assured strength and performance. The main sections of the pole all have and easy ship finish, that makes them very easy to use even in the wettest of conditions. At it’s full length of 13m (actual length is a true 13m before cutting back the top kits) tis well ballanced pole weighs in at Weighs just 1,150g on average at 13m (795g on average at 11.3m).

RX Carp top kits

As standard, the RX Carp is supplied with three, two section top kit as standard (one inside the pole and two spares). These versatile top kits are suitable for use when targeting the majority of species. Everything from small silver species right through to big lumps on commercial fisheries can comfortably be tames utilising these very strong top kits.

Factory fitted Side Pull Slots  Click here for more:

Top Kit key Features – All top kits supplied are fitted as standard with factory fitted Side Pull Slots. These are fitted into the extra long reinforcement wrap to the bottom of the No.2 sections.

Foam elastic aligners fitted in the top of all No.2 sections

At the slim end of the No.2 sections, you have fitted as standard a foam elastic aligners, that as well as protection your elastics whilst in transit, they also protect the female end of the No.1 section of the top kit from wear and tare.

Supplied Accessories

Elastication accessories supplied as standard

To enable you to elasticate the pole, Drennan have also supplied as standard 3x Roller Cones & cone extractor rod, 6x PTFE Bushes, 3 × 4.2mm for lighter elastics up to a hollow 10 and 3 × 5.4mm for larger elastics up to 18-20. To fit the larger sized PTFE, you’ll need to cut the No. 1 section back roughly 10cm for a perfect fit. To finish off the elastication package you also get 8 x Side Pull Beads which fit on your elastic (on the end that that comes out of the fitted side puller system).

Pole bungs and No.3 section EVA Nose Cone for No.3

To complete the comprehensive package off, you also get 2 x Skid Bungs. The smaller one is for the No.5, 6 and 7 sections, with the larger skid bung fitting the No.8 and 9 section. If you only want two top kits, the third top kit can be converted into a cupping kit. To do this you also get supplied as standard a Polemaster Pole Pot and 2 x Cupping Kit Adaptors that are really simple to fit.

To Tip – Use a slow drying adhesive, we’ve found that the ARALDITE® Standard is ideally suited for this type of attachments.

The Field Test.

We headed out to Cromwell Lake near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire with team member Ricky Ashwell to put this tidy pole package through it’s paces, dobbing bread at the poles full length to see how well it actually performs in an angling Environment.

The RX Carp at 13m is as straight as a poker

The first really noticeable feature of the pole is how straight it is at it’s full 13m length. Unlike many other poles in this price range, the RX Carp is as straight as a pencil and incredibly easy to hold for long periods of time, which will greatly assist the new comer to pole fishing with rig presentation. Whilst shipping in and out in drizzly conditions, the finish on all sections enables the pole to glide through your hands, yet again increasing the poles usability.

Great control when fishing close to snags

Fishing close to island snags enabled Ricky to find out how the pole would handle dragging big match sized carp away from potential hazards. Placing his rig close to a dead reed bed, our field tester was able to lower and lift his bread hookbait, keeping it totally under control at all times. Even with a gusting moderate side wind, the RX Carp pole performed to a standard you’d expect to get a from a much more expensive pole.

A hard fighting 9lbs common putting the RX carp through it's paces

After a patient wait, Ricky’s float slipped under and he was into a hard fighting 9lbs plus common. He leaned into the pole pulling the fish way from the snags on the island margin and the fish was in open water in no time at all. The pole responded to every charge of the fish with a flawless curve and offered plenty of power to deal with the more aggressive runs for freedom.

The RX Carp pole taking the strain of a near double figures carp

Final Thoughts

After a couple of hours in very awkward conditions, The Red Range RX Carp 13m had demonstrated to the UKCA team that it is a very powerful and well balanced pole, that is more than capable of landing the majority of fish you are likely to encounter whilst fishing your local mud puddle.

near double figure carp, no match for the RX carp 13m pole

This new member of the RX pole range is designed specifically for commercial fishery use, whilst offering superb balance and performance at an affordable price. The accessories supplied as standard, enable the first time angler to elasticate the pole correctly, as well as protect it from any potential chips to the female section, with the inclusion of the skid bungs.

Foot Note – The REd Range RX Carp 13m is now available form all authorised Drennan stockists and you get the full package for the very reasonable price of £365, which is excellent value for money in the opinion of the UKMA team.


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