Drennan Red Range Margin Carp 8m

Sat 05 November 16


One of the most demanding methods of catching fish on the pole has to be fishing in the margins. This is usually where you’ll catch the bigger fish, meaning the equipment you use will takes some serious punishment, in particularly the pole itself. If you are in the market for a margin pole for next season and don’t want to spend a king’s ransom, the UKMA team think we’ve found the perfect solution, in the shape of the Drennan Red Range Margin Carp 8m. Read on as we talk you through the standard package and how it performed whilst putting it through some serious field testing over the summer months.

Drennan Red Range Margin Carp 8m

Vital Statistics

This six section, take apart margin pole measures in at a full 8m in length and has an average weight of 870g. All sections of this beast of a pole are incredibly strong and are clearly numbered, so the beginner can set up the pole without any fuss or mistakes. Supplied as standard with the pole, you get 2 x top 2 margin kits that have Pre-fitted Side Pull Slots and are also Pre-bushed ready to be elasticated.

All sections clearly numbered

The complete package includes .2x Roller Cones, an Extractor Rod, Cupping Adaptor, Polemaster Pole Pot (250ml capacity) a selection of Side Pull Beads, an EVA Nose Cone for the No.4 section Skid Bung and to store everything in, you get a Wipe clean nylon bag with stylish graphics for all of you tackle tarts who love their brands

The accessory package

Field Tested

We took the Red Range Margin Carp 8m to several venues to asses exactly what it could handle, and we weren’t disappointed! This exceptionally strong margin pole can handle some serious punishment. No it’s not as straight as a poker at its full length of 8m but what it lacks in rigidity it definitely makes up for in all round power and strength.

Loads of power

What this beast of a margin pole. offers you the angler is assured strength, reliable performance and most importantly hours of fish playing fun, with enough strength and power to stop a bus, which to the first time pole angler is all you can ask for!

Final Thoughts

If you fancy having a go at pole fishing for zoo creatures on your local commercial fishery but don’t want to pay a huge amount of money, then the Red Range Margin Carp 8m could be exactly what you are looking for. It offers a comprehensive package with everything you’ll need to get out on the bank, all in a nice tidy bundle.

Foot Note – The Red Range Margin Carp 8m is available from all authorised Drennan stockists and at only £89.99 full RRP, this is definitely worth adding to your Christmas wish list!


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