Daiwa Yank N Bank Match and Feeder Rods

Tue 06 December 16


We would all love to be able to afford fishing with the best rods and reels on the market but for some of us, this is not a reality but a dream based on our personal life commitments and other financial priorities. So with this in mind, the UKMA team had a bit of a nose around on the old internet thingy and started looking out for a range of rods that could potentially offer you the angler excellent performance whilst not breaking the bank. So after having a nose on a few of the more reliable and informative forums, we noticed that many anglers were shouting the praises of the Daiwa Yank N Bank Match and Feeder rods. So we contacted the Daiwa HQ in Scotland who were more than happy for us to long term field test the Pellet Waggler 10ft & Carp Feeder 10ft.

Vital Statistics

As the name would suggest, the Yank N Bank range of rods are designed for crunching big weights of commercial fishery species. Both the Waggler and Feeder rods in this range are built on a powerful, progressive blanks, that has been specially chosen to handle the rigours of modern day commercial fishery match fishing. Both rods feature a mat, low glare, minimal finish with stylish yet subtle graphics that will please the angler who doesn’t like the overstated “ in your face” graphics found on many rods these days.

Daiwa Yank N Bank Pellet Waggler 10ft & Carp Feeder 10ft

Both the waggler and feeder rods are well furnished , with quality fixtures and fittings. Starting from the butt section you have a very comfortable and easy to use down locking, EVA fore grip reel seat, which blends in perfectly with well finished cork handle that also features a pre formed flat area to assist casting and to offer better grip when being rested on your leg whilst feeding, The cork is tipped off with practical EVA rear grip, with a minimal black cap with the Daiwa logo to finish it off nicely.

Reel Seat

The waggler features stand off guides on the but section, which are in place to create a less acute angle from the spool of the reel to the first guide. This in turn increases the potential casting distance of the rod as the line can leave the reel and pass though the guides unhindered, plus this enables the blank to respond perfectly whilst playing fish. The feeder rod features low set intermediate guides that give the rod a playing action, which comes into its own whilst taming big fish on aggressive takes. To finish both rods off, there is a hook keeper mounted on the underside of the rod just in front of the reel seat

Pellet Waggler Guides
Carp Feeder Guides

Note – The feeder rod is supplied with three slim quiver tips, which are colour coordinated and clearly marked for instant identity

Carp Feeder Colour Coded Quiver Tips

All the rods in the Yank N Bank range are designed around a two section assembly, which is the chosen option of match anglers of all abilities, as this means you can leave the rod fully assembled and stored away ready for use after each session. As an added bonus, all the rods in this range are also supplied as standard with a fully zipped rod sleeve with reel pouch incorporated for safe storage and easy transportation to and from the bank.

Fully zipped rod and reel sleeve supplied as standard with both rods

So there you have the full low down on these cost affective rods. Over the past five months, UKMA called upon the very capable angling ability of Cambridgeshire based matchman Ricky Ashwell to put both of these rods through their paces in match angling saturation, on various venues. Read on to find out what his thought of the Yank N Bank rods are after giving them some serious punishment.


Yank N Bank Match  10FT Field Tested


Yank N Bank Match 10ft Field Tested

Over the past year, we’ve had a team member using this rod religiously every week to see how well it would perform in all season and in all conditions. During the warmer months it performed superbly when being used as a pellet waggler rod. It was able to cast out big, heavy loaded wagglers accurately with ease. Once into a big lump, the rod responded with an assured, controlled curve, dealing with every lung and dive for freedom that the fish made.

Once you have the fish under the rod tip is when you really get to see the blank in it’s full glory. With an 7lbs plus fish trying every trick in the book to throw the hook, the blank responded beautifully, handling every lung with a response from the blank that kept you in control of the situation, with total confidence that the rod had a lot more in reserve.

During the colder months, this versatile match rod also proved to be ideal for all winter waggler work. It has proven to be a n ideal option, when fishing maggot on light wagglers, just past the pole line, winning matches in winter when single maggot hookbaits are the order of the day. Although designed for the modern commercial fishery tactics, you’ll get some good mileage out of this rod, fishing for silvers on natural venues as well.

50lbs in no time on the Yank 7 Bank


Yank N Bank 10ft Carp Feeder Field Tested

Yet again this rod was tested over 10 months, utilising it for everything from straight lead work in the colder months to fishing the method at 50 yards and the rod was more than good enough to handle all of these demands, with an element of finesse. Everything from the solid winch reel seat, through to the tip selection make it possible for this superb mid range rod to adapt to numerous situations.

As with its watch brother, the Yank & Bank carp feeder rods have a control and performance well above their price tag, making all feeder tactics a very easy task. Even when fishing the straight lead in winter with 0.12 dia hooklengths and small hooks. The control and performance of this excellent blank makes it possible to easily land big fish on the lightest of terminal tackle and reel lines.

10lbs common on light gear

Final Thoughts

After utilising these two rods in match angling situations for well over 12 months, the UKMA team can without question insure you that these excellent value for money rods are 100% fit for the purposes they’ve been designed for.

Yes these rods have now been discontinued but if your local tackle shop still has some in stock, we highly recommend that you give them a try, they’re that good!


Visit the Website: http://www.daiwasports.co.uk/