Daiwa TDR 4012A First Look

Fri 06 March 15


The TDR reel range from Daiwa Sports, has over the past 10 years developed a superb reputation amongst the match angling fraternities. Over this time, this superb range of reels has built a huge following at all levels of competitive match angling, with it being hard to walk past an angler on not see at least one in the range attached to either a feeder or float rod. so when Daiwa Sports offered to let the UKMA team carry out a long term test on the latest additions to the range, all we could do was say “yes”!

Daiwa TDR 4012A

Vital Statistics

As with it’s predecessors, these new TDR reels keep the original blue colouring, that makes these cult reels instantly recognisable, but that is basically where the similarities end. As the design team at Daiwa Sports have massively improved the choice of features to compliment the amazing winding power and smoothness that the TDR range produces. The hard aluminium body ensures super sure ‘meshing’ of gears even when under load.

TDR 4012A Mgg Sealed

The addition of the ‘Mag Sealed’ feature, ensures that the reel delivers a water impermeable liquid seal around the rotor and main shaft, protecting the mechanism from the potential intrusion of unwanted water and debris. The longer term gain of this feature is continued smoothness of winding and feel.

HIP - High Impact Line Clip

Distance control is also a must have technique for match anglers and the ideal solution to perfect cast accuracy is utilising the line clip. The HIP High Impact Line Clip has not only been added but improved to enable you to hit the horizon to a clip with peace of mind that is can handle the impact. This has been made possible by the addition of a back shield between the clip and spool, which enhances line protection even more than on the original TDR’s.

Key Feature

A lighter but tougher rotor in the shape of Air Rotor ensures a quicker winding start up and even spread of compression making for smoother rotation when playing fish or winding heavy loads.

TDR front drag

Taking a leaf out of the ‘big pit’ book, the TDR 4012A features the ‘QD’ Quick Drag, which enables you to reduce or increase the drag tension with the finest of adjustments. This function makes these reels deal for open water fishing, especially when violent takes are expected, This reponsive abbreviated drag range allows you to engage and disengage the spool tension with less than half a turn.

TDR 4012A Spool

These additions to the features have been put in place because as fish and terminal set ups continue to get bigger the development of a 4012 will be of little surprise to many. This reel has been designed specifically to more than cope with these arduous tactics. The large body rotor and spool found on the TDR 4012A will allow anglers to seriously up their game, making them more than capable of dealing with thicker lines, offering you the angler even more cranking power.

TDR Folding Handle

As the majority of match anglers now carry their rods to the bank pre-assembled, Daiwa have stuck with the tried and tested one touch folding handles. These make it possible to pack a rod down much quicker than undoing a nut until the handle lays flat. The folding handle also assists when you have numerous rods on your rig stand, meaning with the handles folded, you take up less space needed for top kits etc.

First Impressions

TDR Loaded with 8lbs line

The UKMA team took the TDR 4012A out on the bank to see what it has to offer you the angler. First things first, we loaded it up with 8lbs line, to judge the quality of the line lay and as you can see from the image above, the line-lay was flawless. Whilst loading the line, this gave us a chance to evaluate the reels working performance and this silky smooth reel filled the spool with a precise oscillation of the heavy duty bail arm, that loaded the line perfectly flat straight from the off.

The TDR 4012A in it's working environment

For £245 full RRP, you get a reel with a proven track record, that has in our opinion been greatly improved on it’s predecessor, based on first impressions. with the inclusion of
Mag Sealed, Aluminium Hardbodyz, Air Rotor, HIP High Impact Line clip, QD Quick Drag, AirBail and Digigear, this gorgeous piece of engineering has it all. Add to the equation, a spare spool and you have a lot of reel for your money.

Foot Note – The UKMA will be testing the new TDR 4012A reels over the coming months in a match angling environment and we’ll let you know how the perform being used for the job they’ve been designed for.


Visit the Website: http://www.daiwasports.co.uk/