Daiwa Sports Airity Pole 16m

Thu 02 August 12


Daiwa Sports have an outstanding reputation among the United Kingdom match fishing fraternity as being the leading name in the fishing industry when it comes to design and production of top quality competition poles. Over the past decade the Daiwa Tournament S, Tournament X and then the superb Tournament Pro all established a huge bankside presence with many anglers making these poles their first choice. Since its release in 2008 the latest offering from Daiwa Sports, the Airity has stepped up to the plate and become the chosen tool for the majority of serious match anglers and well and truly established Daiwa Sports as the major force when it comes to top end pole design. Add to this the fact that the Airity is manufactured in the United Kingdom and you have a product with a very impressive CV.

Vital Statistics

Stated length: 16m, Actual length: 16.02m, Closed length: 1.76m
Top-two length: 1.99m , Top-three length: 3.15m, Top-four length: 4.65m, Top-five length: 6.23m
Top-three length with No1 removed: 2.3m, Power-kit length: 2.84m
Match-kit elastic rating: No16, Power-kit elastic rating: No20
13m butt diameter: 46mm, 14.5m butt diameter: 48mm, 16m butt diameter: 48mm
Weight at 16.02m: 1,391g, Weight at 14.36m: 1,094g, Weight at 12.25m: 800g


To improve on a pole that has it all is a major task to take on but over the past couple of years, the team at Daiwa Sports have looked into making changes to increase the general performance of the Airity Pole. After seriously looking into any potential changes that would dramatically improve the Airity, Daiwa made only one. They decided that the only improvement that could be made to this exceptional pole was to re-think the finish on the 8, 9 & 10 sections to eliminate the pole sticking to your hands when being shipped in and out, especially in wet conditions. To eliminate this problem they have used a process call “Diamond Satin slide easy finish-” This new finish makes the Airity easier to handle and control when shipping in and out in all weather conditions which will definitely be a top selling point with many anglers.



The Airity top kit package

There is a new look to the spares package that comes supplied with the Airity pole. You get the usual two match top three kits & two match top four kits. With the number one section in place, the match kits will perform perfectly when fitted with either a Pink or Blue Daiwa Hydrolastic or 3 to 5 solid elastics to target small silver fish and F1’s. By cutting back, you can leave the number one section in place and the match kits can comfortably be fitted with a number 12 solid elastic or grey Hydrolastic.By fully removing the number one section and fitting an internal PTFE bush into the end of the number two section, the match kits will then comfortably handle Daiwa Hydrolastic Black or standard 16 rated elastics.

Daiwa have now established the need for a power kit that enables the angler to tension the elastic whilst playing a fish. To enable the angler to do this they have developed the Interlasticpower kits (BBPK1 + Interlastic No3 sections) designed to handle up to Daiwa Red Hydrolastic or standard 20 rated elastics. These new style power kits incorporate a reinforced wall that is positioned to leave room for the winder bung to sit inside the pole just below the PTFE lined holes located just above the bottom joint. This make it possible to store elastic on your winder bung whilst still letting you adjust the elastic when wear and tear begins to show, making it possible for you to extend the life and greatly increase the all round performance of your elastics.

The Interlastic power kits are designed to enable the tensioning of your elastics whilst playing fish. Not to be confused with existing tensioning systems, the Interlastic system makes it possible to attach your elastic to the winder bung traditionally yet still offer total tension control at the same time without having to remove the bung from inside the pole. To apply more tension all you have to do is take hold of the length of elastic that sits outside the re-enforced section between the two PTFE lined holes and pull the elastic towards you in a downwards motion. This added tension generated when playing hard fighting fish has been proven to greatly increase the performance of the Hydrolastic or similar elastics, plus greatly improve the fish playing abilities of BBK1 power kits.


T-Cup Cupping Kit and PHEX Extension

After getting your match and power kits bushed to the same length, you then need a cupping kit to match. The Airity package includes a two piece, T-Cup cupping kit that can be cut back to match your top kits to enable you to feed bait at exactly the same distance as you intend to fish. From personal experience UKMA recommend that you use a two part adhesive to attach the cup attachment to the end of the cupping kit. Over the past 10 years I have found the best adhesive for this job is Araldite Rapid -Syringe pack, this gives you a strong, waterproof seal that will not let you down. The very useful PHEX Extension is designed to fit onto the 13m, 14.5m and 16m sections to enable you to reach features when only half a section can be more practical than adding a whole section when you are fishing against features like islands, weed beds or any other type of feature to be found on the venues you may be fishing

Internal PTFE Guide

Match Tops – With the number 1 section removed, the number two section requires a 3.8mm internal bush that will comfortably house a Black Hydrolastic or 16 solid elastic.
Interlastic Power Kits – When cut back to the same length as the match kits you will require a 4.8mm internal bush that is perfect when using elastics up to a 20 solid or a Red Hydrolastic.
Important note – The above internal PTFE measurements may vary dependant on each manufacturer individual specifications. ALWAYS check that the PTFE fits securely before elasicating your pole.



On The Bank Test

When advising you on a tackle item that will cost you as much as a good second hand car, the team at UKMA decided that we couldn’t leave anything to chance, so we decided to call in the assistance of a man who knows what a good pole is all about and how one should perform. So UKMA called in the assistance of Ringer Baits backed bagging machine Barry Mason to help us well and truly put this very tasty piece of kit through its paces, after a 4 hour session on the superb Magpie Lake on the Rookery Lakes complex near Pidley in Cambridgeshire, here’s what we have to say about this exceptional pole.

Elasticating The Pole

For the purpose of the test we decided to use a Grey Daiwa Hydrolastic through the match three with the number one section removed. We fitted an internal PTFE into the number two section and cut and fitted a winder bung into the base of the number three ensuring it fitted inside the pole enough to allow the number four section to fit inside un-restricted. Then securely attach this end to the winder bung and wind around the bung to create the desired tension. The tension of your elastic is based on personal preference, some anglers prefer their elastics set tight which makes it possible to apply more pressure when you’re playing fish but for testing the performance of the Airity’s match kits we used an elastic that was set just tight enough to return to the pole once any pressure on the end has been released.

We then took one of the Interlastic power kits and cut the top section back to the same length as the match kits, we fitted an internal PTFE and as with the match kits we cut a winder bung to fit inside the base of the number three section, ensuring the number four fitted correctly. To load the elastic through the two PTFE lined Interlastic side holes we placed one end through the top hole and threaded it through the top kit until it was hanging out of the tip section. We then connected a Dacron connector to this end of the elastic and pulled it back through the pole. Then simply take the other end and thread this through the bottom hole and feed through so all the remaining elastics hanging out of the bottom of the section. Then securely attach this end to the winder bung and wound the elastic around to add tension


All round performance

After a four hour session on the bank and after landing fish varying in size from 6ozs to 6lbs on both the match and power kits, we packed away and headed of to our local watering hole to compare our thoughts and opinions over a few pint. So in the opinion of Barry and the UKMA team, here are the top five key features that make the Daiwa Airity one of, if not the best match pole currently available in the world today.
1: Balance – Even at 16m, the Airity has superb balance making fishing at distance a much easier task. When used at 14.5m or less, this is when the Airity totally out performs any other pole that we have ever used, offering pin point rig placement when fishing tight to features and unrivalled rig control at long range assured
2: Rigidity – When striking into a bite we instantly noticed that every movement of the section you are holding registers instantly at the tip of the pole. Which simply means less missed bites even in windy conditions? The wind speed on the day of testing was10mph and the Airity coped with this effortlessly.
3: Strength – No matter how hard we worked the pole when playing a fish, it stood up to the punishment with total authority. Whether using the match kits, using the top 4 sections to land fish or using the power kits with heavy elastics, the results were the same, the Airity has power to spare in all fish playing situations.
4: Daiwa Section Alignment System – On every male and female section of the pole you have a numbered silver triangle. By aligning these markers every time you put your pole sections together, this will align the carbon seam of the Airity, which in turn gives the pole incredible strength and performance.
5: Finish – On of the biggest annoyances when fishing the long pole or when shipping back when playing a fish is the sections sticking to your hands. The latest Airity incorporates a new finish called “Diamond Satin slide easy paint”. This super smooth finish is on the 8, 9 & 10 sections and even when soaking wet helps prevent the section wall sticking to your hands and enables the pole to slide over your skin totally un-restricted.

TOP TIPALWAYS make sure your pole rollers are located in a position to eliminate as much vibration as possible when shipping in and out. If you don’t get this right, the vibration can make the pole section become loose and eventually work themselves apart, causing potential damage to your sections and wasted time when on the bank in a match fishing environment

Final Thoughts

These are the five key features that really caught our attention whilst testing the pole out on the bank. When spending this kind of money on a pole you’d expect total performance and with the Daiwa Airity that’s pretty much what you get. The only thing that slightly bothered both of us was when shipping in and out, we noticed that that after a while, the joints on the no.6 to no10 section became slightly loose. To eliminate this problem, we found if you pushed the sections together with the numbered Section Alignment System arrows about 50mm apart, then twisted and lined the arrows up, this sorted that problem totally.

Apart from that one slight issue that we quickly rectified, this British made pole from Daiwa Sports has everything the match angler could ask for. The spares package is second to none, the after sales service and spares availability are arguably the best in the business, which is also a point definitely worth taking note of. So after spending the best part of £3000 plus of my own money on an Airity Pole, UKMA can categorically say that this is a superb piece of kit that will impress anyone who uses it and worth every penny you’ll spend on it!!

Foot NoteUKMA would like to thank Daiwa/Guru/Bag’em backed Barry Mason for his help and assistance in the writing of this review.


Visit the Website: http://www.daiwasports.co.uk/