Maver Xtra Soft Weigh Net - Tested

Mon 29 December 14


With most commercial fisheries now holding huge stocks of big fish, gone are the days of using a small nylon meshed sack to weigh in at the end of a match. With fish welfare being the priority to many fishery managers, the weighing equipment and in particular, the weighing slings or nets now being used have to be exceptionally strong and built to the highest quality to ensure they will be able to cope with the demands that regularly weighing big weights of fish will put these slings or nets through.

Maver Xtra Soft Weigh Net

Arguably one of the best weighing nets, that is commercially available that the UKMA team have now been using for a long period of time is the Maver Xtra Soft Weigh Net. This spacious
weigh net utilises Maver’s knowledge of weighing big weights at the Larford Complex to design the ideal weighing net. I is
manufactured from rot-proof, super soft, totally fish friendly material, that has been specifically designed to reduces the removal of the protective slime of all species and greatly reduce dorsal fin snagging, which is common on many weighing nets currently available.

Hinged support frame

The mesh is supported by an aluminium hinged frame, that is exceptionally strong considering how lightweight it is. It measures in at a more than ample 605mm x 460mm top opening and the depth of the net with the hinges locked fully open is 360mm. Producing a weighing net that will more than comfortably retain well in access of 75lbs of fish with room to spare.

Support frame hinges lock fully open

Field Tested on the bank over 8 months

The team at UKMA taken well over 200 catch shot over the past eight months, using the Maver Xtra Soft Weigh Net whilst out field testing, doing features, plus we used it for weighing in a series of 17 matches. After using it constantly the mesh, frame and all fixtures and fitting, including the webbed carry handles with rubberised hand grips, that take the most punishment as they attach to the scales, have all passed the test of time with flying colours.

The Maver Xtra Soft Weigh Net in use

Top Tip – after a session, if you give the Maver Xtra Soft Weigh Net a thirty second blast of your get hose, then leave it to dry on the clothes line. This will keep the net in perfect condition and also eliminate any chance of disease transferral if the net is going to be used on multiple venues.

Final Thoughts

or the incredibly cheap price of just £18.99, Maver have come up with what is arguably the best weighing net the UKMA team have come across., Fish Friendly, easy to use and incredibly strong, and after weighing in well over a 500kg of fish, it is showing no signs of material or build wear and tare whatsoever. If you like to take catch shots or organise matches, you will definitely find one of these superb weighing and fish holding nets a massive asset the next time you’re out on the bank.


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