Maver Nanao mesh Protector Landing net

Sun 01 June 14


Field Tested

Choosing a landing the right landing net is not as simple as you may think. Unlike the good old days where we had one landing net head to cover all of our match fishing. We now carry numerous different landing net heads to cover various tactics, sizes of fish and angling environment. For all situations where you are fishing with baits presented directly onto the hook you can pretty much use confidently, all types of landing net mesh currently available on the market to the match angler, with the UKMA team members finding a larger meshed net serves this purpose perfectly. One of the latest offerings in this department is the Nano Mesh Protector Frame Landing net heads from Midlands based MAVER, so we got our hands on one a took it out on the bank to see how well it would

performMaver Nano Mesh Protector Landing net

Vital Statistics

The Nano Mesh Protector Frame Landing nets are manufactured utilising the new Nano mesh, this new mesh has been designed to repel water, which makes these landing nets dry incredibly quickly as well as assisting when moving the net through water. These very landing nets features a robust spreader block, a stainless steel threaded attachment bolt and innovative protector frame technology. This latest development in landing design is a padded material section that acts a protective wall around the inside of the ally frame to prevent fish getting damaged whilst being netted. Around the top of the net, you also have the now common place cloth trim with the Maver and the Nano Mesh logo’s clearly on display ( a big winner with all you lovers of all things Maver). With these additional protective features, the Nano Mesh Protector Frame Landing nets display the fishery approved label.

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Final Thoughts

The UKMA team took the Nano Mesh Protector Frame Landing net to our local commercial fishery, to see how it would perform in an angling environment and we weren’t disappointed!
The threaded bolt has a pre-fitted rubber washer, which enables you to securely fit the net to your handle with zero twist or wobble, even when scoping through the water at speed. The oval shaped mesh used makes the scooping of fish a very easy task and the combined strength of the frame and spreader block make the Nano Mesh Protector Frame Landing net a very durable and hard wearing tool to add to your landing net selection.

They are available in two different sizes, the 50cm x 40 cm option sells for £15.99 and the 55cm x 45cm model (UKMA tested) sells for £16.99.


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