Maver Hair Rig Landing Net - Tested

Thu 03 July 14


With hair rigged presentations being a major part of modern commercial fishing tactics both on the feeder and waggler, one massive issue became apparent. Once you’ve landed a fish more times than not hair rigged attachment like bayonets, speed stops etc have an uncanny habit of get tangled and broken off, leading to time wasted whilst competing. To deal with this issue, we as anglers know have at our disposal a wide selection of net specifically designed to eliminate this issue. Not to be left out of the race for our hard earned cash, Maver UK have released the Hair Rig Landing net, read on as the UKMA team take one out on the bank and put it through it’s paces.

Maver Hair Rig Landing Net

Vital Statistics

The Hair Rig Landing nets are manufactured from an ultra fine polyester net material. This durable and most importantly fish friendly has been selected to prevent the fishes dorsal fin from getting snagged whilst the fish is in the net. The fine mesh also prevents the hair and attachments getting caught up preventing rig damage whilst unhooking your capture. The mesh is mounted on a very strong half round black metal frame, making the Hair Rig landing net virtually impossible to bend under standard working conditions.

Spreader block and threaded connector

To attache the landing net to your handle you have a solid brass thread that has been formed into the hard wearing plastic spreader block during the injection moulding process to prevent any breakages.


The UKMA team headed off to Rookery Lakes in Cambridgeshire to put the Maver Hair Rig 55cm Landing net through its paces on this heavily stocked venue. After landing well over 90lbs of fish from 3lbs to near double figures in less than three hours, the net performed perfectly. No broken hair rigs or lost attachments, no dorsal fins snagged and there was more than enough room to net fish well into double figures without any problems at all. The frame is very strong and there was no movement whatsoever once the threaded attachment was secured to the handle, all in all it did exactly what it was designed to do with no signs of the net Struggling at any time.

Landing a fish whilst being tested

Final Thoughts

The team at UKMA were more than happy with the all round performance of the Maver Hair Rig Landing Net, whilst we tested it in a working environment. All the components worked perfectly and after a bit of a pounding, it performed the duty it has been designed for perfectly.This well thought out Landing net also carry’s the Angling Foundation approved logo and is available in three size options, these are 30cm (£12.99) 40cm (£13.99) and finally 55cm (£15.99) All sizes are available from all leading Maver Stockist and if you shop around there are some good deals to be found on-line.


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