MAP Dual 3m Competition Landing Net Handle

Thu 26 October 17


A good quality landing net handle has over recent years become one of the essential tools of the modern day match angler. With the huge weights of fish required to win matches these days, you landing net handle goes through hell and back in these situations. Meaning if you don’t chose the right option, you could end up in trouble.

One Landing net handle option that the UKMA team have been field testing over the past 10 months that ticks all the boxes is the Dual 3m Competition Landing Net Handle from Milton Keynes based MAP, read on as we talk you through the pro’s of this superb landing net handle.

MAP Dual 3m Competition Landing Net Handle

Vital Statistics

This latest landing net offering from MAP is an very rigid, two piece handle, which is very lightweight considering its all round strength. New to the range is this powerhouse of a landing net handle. It features very strong male and female joints that lock tight when put together but when its time to pack away, a quick twist and it comes apart not problem, even when being used in torrential rain.

MAP Dual 3m Competition Landing Net Handle Nickel coated brass thread

At the business end of this landing net handle, you have a injection moulded, plastic spreader block, which includes a nickel coated brass thread, which greatly increase the life of the female attachment thread. On the handle section, you have a textured grip, which enables you to grip the handle comfortably, whilst also eliminating any chance of the handle slipping in your hands at those critical times.

The Field Test

After being used in over 90 matches, regularly hauling some huge fish in access of 17lbs, with numerous ton plus weights under its belt, this super strong, very reliable landing net handle has more than passed the test of time (10 months). It has been described by our field tester as being arguably one of, if not the best landing net handle he has ever used. Every component incorporated in the manufacture of the MAP Dual 3m Competition Landing Net Handle has well and truly stood up to some serious punishment, without showing any signs of wear and tare.

MAP Dual 3m Competition Landing Net Handle in action

Final Thoughts

Without question, the UKMA team can highly recommend the MAP Dual 3m Competition Landing Net Handle as being totally reliable, exceptionally strong and most importantly 100% fit for the job it has been designed for. So if you’re in the market for a top quality landing net handle, we woudl highly recommend you have a serious look at one of these before you part with your hard earned cash.

Foot Note – Dual 3m Competition Landing Net Handle is available from all authorised MAP stockists and sells for the very reasonable price of £59.99 full RRP.


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