Frenzee Precision FXT 3.5m Net Handle

Thu 26 May 16



When targeting commercial fisheries in the warmer months, the one thing yo can expect is big weights of fish. To land these large quantities of fish on a regular basis, you require a landing net handle that is strong enough to handle the punishment it will be put through and it also helps if the landing net handle offers versatility. One option that the UKMA team have field tested over the past few months that ticks all the boxes is the Precision FXT 3.5m Net Handle from rising stars of the match world Frenzee.

Frenzee Precision FXT 3.5m Net Handle

Vital Statistics

The Precision 3.5m handle has been designed to offer you the angler great quality and high specifications at a price that caters to everyone. This 3 section net handle features brass threaded heads on the tip and middle section, meaning you can you the handle at either its full length of 3.5m, when a longer handle is required or at 2.45m when bagging on shorter rigs for lumps.

Three section with the top two section featuring threaded connectors

Field Tested

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been putting the Precision FXT 3.5m Net Handle through it’s paces on several venues, targeting fish of all sizes. We found that the High Modulus carbon used in manufacturing, produces a net handle that is well balanced at it’s full length at 3.5m, whilst offering excellent control and all the power you need when scooping big lumps just below the surface.

The Frenzee Precision FXT 3.5m Net Handle

With a 20 inch net fitted, we found that with a big lump in the net, it was both incredibly strong and very easy to ship in and out even with a lump in the net. The threaded heads are glued and pinned into position and at no point did we feel that these fittings would let us down.

Final Thoughts

IF you’re on the lookout for a new landing net handle that is well and truly up for the job? Then the Precision FXT 3.5m Net Handle is definitely one option worth considering. It’s incredibly strong in all departments and with two threaded sections, it is also very versatile. After several sessions of hard work it has not let us down, performing as well as many net handles that are far more expensive.

Foot Note – The Precision FXT 3.5m Net Handle is available from all authorised Frenzee Stockists and you should expect to pay around £59.99


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