Frenzee Orange Keepnet - First Impressions

Sat 04 January 14


A strong reliable keepnet is as essential to a match angler as his tactics and bait selection, especially when targeting big weights of fish on a regular basis. Many keepnets on the market lack long term durability and strength and suffer from the continuous pressures of being lifted out of the water with 50lbs plus of fish.

The normal issues that occur on a too often basis include broken or badly damaged rings, wear and tear on the net frame corners from lake bed abrasion and the top frame supports being unreliable and not serving there purpose after regular use.

Taking all these issues on board FRENZEE have released a range of keepnets that have taken into consideration all these potential faults and made serious efforts to eliminate the risk of your keepnet letting you down after serious use. UKMA have recently taken one out on the bank to see what the Welsh based company have done to improve the life of a keepnet, where many others currently on the market, simply don’t pass the test of time.

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Vital Statistics

A huge amount of attention to detail has gone into the design of this very well made net that offers several improvements to improve its life expectancy.
First noticeable improvement is the very strong grip lock net support. This easy to use, fully adjustable unit offers the user numerous angle options and once tightened up, keeps your keepnets top frame at a solid and securely locked angle at all times.

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The metal main frame support rings are arguably some of the strongest the UKMA team have seen on a keepnet in a very long time. They offer superb net shape, strength and rigidity, with the bottom four rings being weighted to enable the net to sink perfectly (makes a change). The bottom three rings also feature rubberised corner protectors on the corners that come into contact with the lake bed, to prevent the net material being damaged when bringing your net in whilst its loaded with fish. Also attached to the third ring from bottom on the inside of the net, you have two strong rubber pull through handles, for easy weighing in.

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First Impressions

The KEEPNET ORANGE 3M has been aptly named based on the bright orange, branded top cloth section of this very stylish keepnet (one for all you tackle tarts), that will definitely make any angler using one really stand out from the crowd. Pretty much every pet hate that the UKMA team have when it comes to keepnets has had measures put in place to eliminate these problems. The main mesh of the KEEPNET ORANGE 3M is black in colour and as fish friendly as it gets, fine and strong and once emptied and given a shake, it dries very quickly, even on the coldest of days. The nets frame measures in at 50cm (19.7’’) x 40cm (15.75’’) which offers plenty of room for the majority of species you are likely to encounter in a match fishing environment.

The KEEPNET ORANGE 3M keepnet is supplied as standard with its own nylon carry bag for ease of carriage and they are now available from all FRENZEE stockists for £49.99 per net, which is great value for money based on first impressions.

Foot NoteFRENZEE also do a 3m keepnet with a black cloth top. This has been made to the same specifications as the aforementioned keepnet and this minimal look will definitely please the angler who likes his kit a bit more discrete in appearance whilst out on the bank.

Black 3m


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