Frenzee Spoon Pan Landing Nets

Thu 27 November 14


The work that the modern day landing net goes through during it;s life, hs greatly increased over the past 20 years. With the majority of match anglers now frequenting commercial fisheries, where big weight are need to frame, your poor old landing nets now take more punishment than ever before. Finding a range of landing nets that are light weight, hard wearing and most importantly reliable can be a bit of mission to say the least. Taking this on board, Frenzee have now released the new for 2014/15 Spoon Pan Landing Net Range. Read on as the UKMA team take a first look at what they have to offer you the angler!

Spoon Pan Landing Nets

Vital Statistics

The Frenzee Spoon-Pan landing nets have all the necessary characteristics you would expect to find on a good quality landing net. All options in the range feature a lightweight, reinforced solid alloy frame, which is joined together via the injection moulded, plastic spreader block. The spreader block also feature a stainless steel threaded connector with a rubber ‘O’ ring fitted, which enables the user to securely attach the landing net to your handle.

Spoon Pan Landing Nets spreader block

All six nets in the range feature a cradle shaped mesh for correct fish position when unhooking your capture. All nets feature a dual orange and black mesh, that are joined together with heavy duty stitching on all seams. There are two different mesh types to choose from, these are the fine mesh which is suitable for all work where hair rigs with attachments are used. The open mesh is ideally suited to all bagging situations where you need to scoop the fish as quickly as possible,

Final Thoughts

The Frenzee Spoon-Pan landing nets are available in the following sizes:

Fine Mesh

Fine mesh

18” Landing Net 45×35×25, 20” Landing Net 50×40×30 & 22” Landing Net 55×45×30,

Open Mesh

Open Mesh

18” Landing Net, 45×35×25, 20” Landing Net, 50×40×30 & 22” Landing Net, 55×45×30,

All three nets that the UKMA team have reviewed are 100% fit for the purpose they’ve been designed for. Strong, spacious and functional what more can you ask for. The Spoon-Pan landing nets are now available from all Frenzee stockists and they sell for £13.99 for the 18 inch options and the 20 & 22 inch options sell for £14.99 in both mesh options.


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