Frenzee F1 Scoop Net Handle

Sun 28 June 15


Field Tested

Finding a good quality landing net handles is as important as using the right bait. Unless you get it right and use the best tool for any specific job, it could cost you time and fish. With the massive growth of F1’s on commercial fisheries, a long landing net handle can prove to be a bit of a hindrance when fishing short lines and scooping fish, so a shorter, stiffer handle can safe a lot of time when netting these feeding machines. Taking this on board, Frenzee have designed and released the perfect solution in the shape of the F1 Scoop Landing net handle, read on as the UKMA team take it out on the bank to put it through it’s paces in an angling environment.

Frenzee F1 Scoop Net Handle

Vital Statistics

This one piece landing net handle is one piece net handle that is slim, rigid and with no joints, this makes it a stiff as a poker. It features a shrink wrapped rubberised hand grip, that offers an assured grip when scooping fish at speed, even when your hands are wet and slimmy. At 185cm in length, this is a short handle for close quarters work that fits perfectly inside the majority of rod holdalls currently on the market, making transportation very easy.

Moulded in threaded  connection on the F1 Scoop

The perfect tool for busy close quarter fishing! A solid thread blends nicely into the super slim handle. a the business end, you have a brass threaded attachment for your landing nets, which has been moulded into the blank with a fully varnished and sealed carbon wrap, making the handle seamless. The finishing touch to the F1 Scoop Net Handle are the stylish orange and white graphics, that let everyone know what you’re using without being over stated.

Stylish orange and white graphics

Final Thoughts

After taking the F1 Scoop Net Handle out on the bank a few times and using it in a match fishing environment, it does everything that it’s says on the tin. Strong, easy to manoeuvre and the power transfer through the handle to the net, makes you landing net slip through the water at pace, totally unhindered. Yes it’s not the lightest short handle on the market but it makes up for it in strength and and all round performance. As standard, the F1 Scoop Net Handle comes supplied in a mock velvet storage bag and if your on the look out for a short landing net handle, the UKMA team highly recommend that you give this option some very serious consideration.

Foot Note – You can buy the F1 Scoop Net Handle from all leading Frenzee stockist for around £29.99 for landing net handle that is built to last!


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