Frenzee Euro FXT Keepnets

Tue 26 January 16


During the warmer months, the sport on commercial fisheries often requires the use of multiple keepnets. The one problem with this is that when using standard keepnets, they take up loads of space and when the situation arises that you need up to five keepnets, where do you attach them too? To make this problem much easier to deal with, Frenzee have come up with a very clever way of eliminating this problem with the release of the Euro FXT Keepnets.

Vital Statistics

These keepnets have all the characteristics and build quality of the original Frenzee keepnets, including a rock solid, fully adjustable threaded attachment, weighted rings, two internal pull-through handles and soft but very durable black mesh with heavy duty double stitching on all seams. What makes this keepnet totally different is the location of the threaded attachment. Rather than having it on the centre of the widest part of the frame, Frenzee have rotated the top two frames by 90 degrees and moved it to the short part of the frame, which reduces the space each net takes up, reducing the space needed in front of your box by 10cm per keepnet.

Key Feature – By rotating the top two rings, as well as reducing the amount of space taken up per net, this enables you to get your landing net inside the keepnet to tip fish unhindered.

Final Thoughts

With weight restrictions per keepnet now common place on many fisheries, it is now common place to start with three keepnets and this is where these very clever keepnets well and truly come into their own. One doubt we had was “would the adjustable frame attachment be strong enough to support the net in this possition?” and the answer is yes! Even whilst using the top ring as a rod rest, it stayed in the position it was locked.

Foot Note – The Euro FXT Keepnets are available in three options, the 2.5m sells for £44.99, the 3m option sells for £49.99 and there is also a 2.5m Euro silver option which sells for £44.99 and they’re now available from all authorised Frenzee stockist


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