Drennan Speedex Landing Nets

Fri 08 May 15


Field Tested

Landing fish quickly is a skill that all much anglers must have in their arsenal if they want to compete at the highest levels. To do this you need a strong, hard wearing landing net head, that can cope with the demands modern match fishing situations put them through. One option to arrive in the UKMA office that is well worth considering as an option are the Speedex Landing Nets from Oxfordshire based Drennan, read on as we put one through it’s paces in an angling environment.

Drennan Speedex Carp 46cm

Vital Statistics

The Speedex landing net range have been clearly built to last the test of time. They feature an extra strong, rigid and lightweight frame with a sealed alloy spreader block that won’t let in water. The frame supports a two coloured, twin mesh net that is designed to serve two purposes,the open mesh sides reduce drag and allow the net to slide through the water unhindered. The silver/grey coloured base mesh has been chosen as fish fighting for freedom, see this as being a point of escape and in many cases, whilst being developed, the fish actually dived into the net when being as fish seemed to recognise the light coloured mesh as an escape hole.

Spreader block and double mesh close up

Field Tested

After using the Sppedex Landing Net 18’‘ during a five hour session on the superb bream Mecca, Ferry Meadows, near Peterborough, this gave us an opportunity to see the landing net working in an angling environment. The threaded spreader block is very secure, once attached to the net handle, with ample thread to ensure a secure fit. The moulded hand grip on the spreader block is well handy when you are lifting fish from 6lbs to 8lbs quickly, eliminating any potential strees on the nets frame.

a 7lb bream in the net with room to spare!

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the image above, the 18’‘ option was more than capable of swallowing a 7lb bream with room to spare. It was very easy to manoeuvre through the water at speed and lifting the fish was made very simple as the nets frame is incredibly strong and more than adequate for the job it has been designed for.All in all the UKMA team were very happy with the all round performance of the Speedex Landing Net and would recommend them to any angler looking for a top quality landing net.

Foot Note – There are three size options in the Speedex landing net range: 16in (40cm) that sell for £16.99, 18in (46cm) sells for £17.99 and the 20in (51cm) option sells for £18.99 and all options are now available from all leading Drennan stockists.


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