Drennan Matchpro Landing Net 20 inch

Sun 28 June 15


Field Tested

The demand for lightweight landing nets for match fishing situations has lead to a few surprises over the years the UKMA team have been testing them. One of the biggest issues we’ve found to be common place with these super light landing net heads is, they simply don’t pass the test of time. What has happened in many case is, by reducing the weight, thinner and lighter materials have been used to keep the weight to a minimum but this leads to screws falling out, spreader blocks breaking, need I go on, we’ve all been there.

For those of you who are looking for a landing net that will pass the test of time, the UKMA team have been sent the Matchpro Landing Net 20 inch from Oxfordshire based Drennan to put through it’s paces in an angling environment, read on to find out what you get for your money and how well it performed.

Drennan Matchpro Landing Net 20 inch

Vital Statistics

This very strong landing net fea­ture an extra-strong alloy spreader block, with an internal finger grip to enable you to lift big fish without potentially damaging the net or yout landing net handle. The blue fined meshed net used is exceptionally well machined on all seams, to ensure that the mesh will stay in working order. This is supported via a hollow D sec­tion alloy frame that is lightweight and rigid. This is attached to the spreader block via two Phillips screw on the underside and to ensure you don’t get any frame wobble or movement, simply ensure the screws are tightened correctly before every session.

Super strong spreader block with internal finger grips

Key Feature – The hollow D shaped frame has been properly sealed, so it does not fill with water and gain weight when immersed.

The Field Test

After a few sessions out on the bank using the Drennan Matchpro Landing Net, the UKMA team have been pleasently please with it’s all round performance and strength. Even whne scooping fish at speed, the well thought out landing net, has the strength to slip through water quickly, without putting unnecessary pressure on the spreader block and most importantly, the connection end of the landing net handle.

Branding badge and mesh close up

Final Thoughts

The team at UKMA, like to consider ourselves as practical anglers who will use a product based on it’s reliability, rather than because it is the en vogue net to have. AK so the Matchpro Landing net is far from being the lightest on the market but it sure as hell makes up for it in all round build quality and performance during use

Foot Note – There are three sizes of Matchpro Landing Nets to choose from. You have the 16in (40cm) for all silver fish and small carp work and these sell for £15.95, the 18in (46cm) option is ideally suited to most commericla fishery and river work when targeting medium sized carp, bream, chub, barbel etc and this sells for £16.95 and the option we tested, the 20in (51cm) landing net is perfect for big lumps up to 15lbs plus and this option sells for £17.99


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com