Dinsmores Carp Match Scoop Landing Net Speci Mesh

Wed 28 October 15


A good quality, strong and reliable landing net is an essential part of match angling when targeting big fish. There is nothing worse than a net breaking whilst in a match, it will cost you valuable time whilst replacing or repairing it, and in the worst situations, it could cost you fish. To reduce the chances of breakages, you will in many cases have to compromise the use of an ultra-lightweight landing net, with something built for durability. One option to arrive in the UKMA office that we have found to be perfectly suited to these situations is the Carp Match Scoop Landing net from Dinsmores.

Dinsmores Carp Match Scoop Landing net Speci Mesh

Vital Statistics

The Carp Match Scoop Landing Net Speci Mesh landing net measures in at 22 inches (560mm) from the internal face of the spreader block to the internal of the top face. At the widest point of the frame, it measures 16.5 inches (420mm) making it more than big enough for any fish swimming in the majority of commercial fisheries. The name “Scoop” comes from the front 6.5 inches(166mm) of the frame being curved up, which enables you to scoop the fish into the net, making the landing of big fish much easier.

Dinsmores Carp Match Scoop Landing Net Speci Mesh Speader Block

To support the frame you have a machined aluminium spreader block that is incredibly strong , whilst still being lightweight. The Spreader block and aluminium support frame are attached by two anti rust screws that once fully tightened down, form a very secure and strong net frame. To attach the net to your landing net handle, you have a standard stainless steel threaded bolt, which once screwed in, forms a rock solid attachment.

Dinsmores Carp Match Scoop Landing Net Speci Mesh

This robust landing net features a large meshed net, that enables it to be manoeuvred through the water with minimal drag, which in turn, makes the landing of bigger fish a much easier task to perform. The net itself has a depth of 15.5 inches (394mm) from the frame to the stitching that attaches the nets base mesh in place. Making this a cavernous landing net, capable of landing fish well over 15lbs comfortably.

Final Thoughts

After using the Carp Match Scoop Landing Net Speci Mesh during a busy field testing session a week or so ago. The UKMA team found it to be very strong, easy to move through the water and spacious enough to accommodate fish well into double figures. It performed every duty that a big fish net should with total ease and the “Scoop” front section ensured that when longer fish were netted, they were instantly deep in the mesh. A great landing net that will only set you back £10.00, which is excellent value for money.

Foot Note – The Carp Match Scoop Landing Net Speci Mesh is available now and can be purchased from all Dinsmores stockist.


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