Daiwa Team Daiwa Pellet Landing Net 50cm

Wed 04 June 14


Having fished commercial fisheries for over 15 years, one of the most annoying things about fishing hair rigs with quick stop, pellet bands or bayonet connectors is they have an uncanny habit of getting caught up in the mesh of the landing net and ripped off the hair, whilst the fish is thrashing around, no matter how well you tie them on. obviously what was needed was a net specifically designed to eliminate this issue, whilst not effecting the functionality or all round performance of the landing net itself. Taking these design problems on board, DAIWA SPORTS released the TEAM DIAWA PELLET LANDING NET that has is ideally suited for pellet waggler and all feeder presentations when the previously mentioned attachments are being used. Over the past few weeks the UKMA team have had a proper look at this well thought out landing net and here’s what it has to offer you as an angler.

Vital Statistics

Main image

These landing nets offer the match angler in the opinion of the UKMA team members a cost effective solution to all the usual problems associated with pellet fishing. It features a solid lightweight alloy 50cm main frame, that is both very strong and reliable. The two ends of the main frame are fitted into the injection molded, plastic composite spreader block and secured in place via four stainless steel Philips screws.
There are two screws on either side securing the spreader block and main frame together and when all the screws are fully tightened, this produces a frame that offers the user total rigidity and strength when in use. To attach the landing net to your handle you have a 20mm long, solid stainless steel thread, with a rubber washer fitted as standard, to create a tighter fit when screwing the landing net to the handle.
To finish the TEAM DIAWA PELLET LANDING NET off you have reinforced double stitching on all seams and a double sided cloth panel with full TEAM DIAWA graphics, which will please all of you tackle tarts reading this.

close up strip

Key Feature – The TEAM DIAWA PELLET LANDING NET is manufactured using a 2.5mm mesh size. this fine 35cm deep mesh prevents quick stops, bayonets and pellet bands from getting snagged, as is the norm when using the conventional sized, larger meshes that are commonly used on the majority of other landing nets currently available to the match angler.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the DAIWA SPORTS design team and consultants have put a lot of thought into eliminating the problems associated with pellet fishing tactics and they have done a very good job of it as well! Although the mesh is incredibly fine, it still glides through the water easily and doesn’t hinder the netting of fish process in any way. Although specifically designed for Pellet fishing, it is also perfect for use when landing fish whilst you are using all conventional commercial fishery tactics, so it can definitely be described as an all purpose net with benefits.

draining Pellets

Whilst out on the bank with Daiwa/ Guru backed matchman Barry Mason, he demonstrated another use for the TEAM DIAWA PELLET LANDING NET. After he’s soaked his micro feed pellets for 3 to 4 minutes, he then tips the pellets into his Pellet Landing net. He then hangs the net off of his seat box legs and leaves them to drain whilst he’s setting up.

For just £12.99, you get a very strong landing net that as well as sorting out the previously mentioned hair rig issues perfectly, it is also offers you the angler, great all round versatility, performance, as well as great value for money!!


Visit the Website: http://www.daiwasports.co.uk/