Daiwa Team Daiwa Keepnets - Field tested

Sat 03 May 14


The abuse and usage our keepnets are put through these days in match fishing situations, makes it a small miracle that they don’t fall apart after a few sessions. When targeting big weights, particularly on heavily stocked commercial fisheries, our keepnets need to be reliably strong and capable of safely retaining weights of fish in excess of 50lbs week in week out. So the UKMA team have been on the look out for keepnets that can handle these criteria, whilst offering practical features that make the nets more functional over a long period of time. Whilst browsing the internet, one range of keepnets that really stood out from the crowd were the TEAM DAIWA Keepnet series, so we contacted DAIWA SPORTS and they generously sent the TEAM DAIWA® CARP and the TEAM DAIWA® SILVER FISH Keepnets for the UKMA team to have a proper look at!

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Vital Statistics

The Team Daiwa® Carp keepnet is 3m in length and features a 50cm x 40cm spacious and strong aluminium top ring that has a mat gold finished. Attached to the top frame, you have the charcoal black cloth section of the keepnet that has the DAIWA logo printed on either side, with the TEAM DAIWA® name clearly displayed on the front face (which is a bonus for all you tarts). The main section of the smooth, strong, fine meshed netting used, is then attached to the top cloth section and machined to the first of the five 45cm x 30cm lightweight plastic support frames. The remaining bottom three rings are made from lightweight, yet solid aluminium to give the net added structure when lifting big weights of fish. On the inside of the third from bottom aluminium ring you have two pull through handles to make emptying the keepnet that little bit easier.

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The Team Daiwa® Silver Fish keepnet features all the main characteristics of the Team Daiwa® Carp keepnet, including the Aluminium top frame, cloth top panel and full graphics. The Silver fish net measures in at 2.5m and is made from exactly the same netting material as the carp option but to make it instantly recognisable for fish retaining, the top four sections are grey in colour and this section is supported by four 45cm x 30cm plastic support frames. The last three sections feature the standard black soft mesh, with three aluminium support frames for structure and added strength. This net comes into its own on many of the commercial fisheries where a two net policy is in place. Although specifically designed with silver fish in mind, you can also use this option for small carp and F1’s.

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Note – Both of the above mentioned Team Daiwa® keepnets feature two plastic ‘stake out’ rings. These enable you to optimise the internal space of the keepnet when fishing in shallow margins. By staking or pegging the net out, you can give as much space as possible at all times to fish being retained

Key Feature
Attached to aluminium top frame on all Team Daiwa® keepnets you have a totally unique and very secure ‘Twist lock’ angle adjustment mechanism. Unlike conventional angle adjustments, there are no buttons to push or wheels to turn and lock. All you have to do is screw your keepnet arm onto the thread, then simply set it to the angle that you require your net head to sit at and tighten the keepnet arm until it is securely lock the into position and angle you require, Job Done!

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Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a set of nets that have a solid locking system, offer excellent all round fish protection and most importantly that dry out in a matter of minutes, then the Team Daiwa® Carp (£64.99) & Team Daiwa® Silver Fish (£64.99) will definitely fit the bill. After having a good play around with them over the past three weeks and retaining short session catches in both nets in excess of 40lbs. The UKMA team have as yet been able to find fault in either of these stylish and fully functional keepnets we’ve look at and used. But as per usual we don’t leave anything to chance and we’ll be fully testing them during a 16 week series of match, to see how they pass the test of time in a working environment, so until them watch this space!

Final Thoughts

Note – If you fish venues that contain some proper big fish that need extra space to swim around whilst be retained, the Team Daiwa® Jumbo Carp is definitely the option to consider. It measures in at 2.5m in length, the top aluminium ring measures 55cm x 50cm and all lower rings measure 50cm x 40cm and one of these sells for £69.99.