Daiwa Airity AquaDry Lite Landing nets Field Tested

Fri 18 April 14


Finding the right landing net to cover your match fishing requirements may seem like an easy enough purchase but nowadays there seems to be a landing net for every style of match fishing. To try and make life a little easier for the angler looking for an all round net that will suit all styles of commercial fishery approaches, the team at UKMA have had a long hard look at what’s currently available and after speaking to several very well known anglers whose knowledge is based on actual usage of products in a match fishing environment. After taking this advice on board, we eventually decided to contact DAIWA and asked if we could have a proper look and play with the very AIRITY AQUADRY LITEPOWER LANDING NETS? They generously obliged and here’s what you get for your money

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Vital Statistics

These lightweight landing nets are extremely rigid and solid in construction. This has been achieved by incorporating a slim profile metal rim that is securely fitted into the nets solid metal spreader block that has a subtle metallic red finish that is very eye catching (Tackle Tarts approved). The net itself is constructed from two gauges of AqauDry mesh that have been heavily machined together for all round strength. The larger outer black mesh size is 6mm in diameter and the central red mesh strip size is 2mm in diameter. This mesh combination makes the task of manoeuvring the landing net through water and the scooping of fish very simple. Plus it eliminates the potentials of feeder rig components like quick stops and pellet bands getting snagged and ripped of whilst you have a boisterous fish in the net.

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First Impressions

After taking the AIRITY AQUADRY LITEPOWER LANDING NETS out on the bank for a play in an angling environment the UKMA team have yet to find fault in them. These very lightweight nets are very easy to manoeuvre through the water and offer assured strength even when catching a larger stamp of fish. There are four size options available in the AIRITY AQUADRY LITEPOWER LANDING NET range, these are 45cm (featured) which is suitable for all commercial fishery species up to 8 to 10lbs and this net weighs in at just 165g (price £16.99). The UKMA team would recommend the 50cm option for fish from 10 to 14lbs (price £17.99) The 55cm option is ideal for big lumps up to 16lbs (price £18.99) and if you are targeting big fish venues, the 60cm option which weighs at around 210g sells for £19.99.
As you can see this excellent range of landing nets totally covers all match angling situations and as with all products in the AIRITY range they absolutely ooze quality and value for money.


Visit the Website: http://www.daiwasports.co.uk/