Tri-Cast Luggage Range 2013

Wed 08 May 13


It’s not very often that I get really excited about reviewing a range of products from any area of the sport but after getting my hands some of the superb luggage from the 2012 TRI-CAST Range, I have to admit I was. UKMA were contacted by the Lancashire based companies marketing managers Steve Hopkinson who asked me if we would be interested in writing a full on field tested review on their luggage range and we instantly jumped at the chance. We asked Steve for a bit of information on how the range came about, here’s what he had to say “we put the same design & development into our luggage range as we do our Carbon Fibre rods and Poles. Our consultants and team members are continually offering ideas, suggestions and recommendations into this range our best luggage range to date. In addition we are conscious that any item of luggage has to look the part as well as offering even more functionality than our leading competitors in this market currently offer”.

Tri-Cast Luggage range 2013

So with the rod holdalls, carryalls and the EVA net bag from the range finally in our possession. The team at UKMA have over the past eight weeks had the opportunity to fully load the luggage with tackle and we have taken it out on the bank and given it a proper work out over several sessions to try and find fault in this very nice looking range of match luggage. Read on to find out what you will get for your money and see just what makes this top quality gear arguably some of the best match luggage that the UKMA team have reviewed in some time.

Deluxe 6 Tube Pole & 8-10 Tube Match Holdall

Tri-Cast Rod holdalls

Vital statistics

Both rod holdalls in the range are manufactured from 660d grade material that has been used based on it being 100% waterproof and exceptional durability. These cleverly designed rod holdalls feature hard wearing, heavy duty, two way zips on the main compartment and both external pockets for ease of access with the brand clearly displayed on all the pull tags. One of the key features of the manufacturing process is the use of a silk thread for all stitching that has been impregnated with a waterproofing solution to prevent rotting. In addition each product is either double or triple stitched using for added durability, with all external seams being taped to make all compartments water-tight.

To make transportation a very easy task even when fully loaded, both holdalls feature a well padded, very comfortable, fully adjustable shoulder strap that incorporates a well padded section that measures 450mm long x 110mm wide. Unlike many other rod holdall carry straps, the padded section is permanently fixed to the holdall to improve stability when in transit, with a strap attached at the base of this section that can be fully adjusted to suit your personal requirements and make carrying a big weight a very comfortable task. In addition to the strap you also have a rubberised carrying handle that has been fixed in place with double stitching and double webbing for total strength and reliability.

The main compartment on both the Deluxe 6 Tube Pole & 8-10 Tube Match Holdalls incorporate easy clean linings to enable you to remove all debris and moisture from the inner compartment with total ease. On either side of the holdalls you have base pouches to hold your rod tubes in place with 6 individual Velcro retaining straps in the Deluxe 6 Tube and two full width Velcro retaining straps (on eon either section) to securely retain your tubes and keep them organised when in transit. UKMA found that the Deluxe 6 Tube comfortably holds six 6 foot x 2.5inch rod tubes comfortably in the main compartment and the 8-10 Tube Match holds eight 6 foot x 2.5inch rod tubes with ease but ten tubes of this size are a bit of a tight fit.

One the outer front face of both holdalls you have two deep outer pockets. The larger of the two measures 1.5m long x 220m wide on the Deluxe 6 tube Holdall and is ideal for storing up to four x 2 inch tubes holding top kits and margin poles or you can alternatively store landing net handles, umbrella’s long bank sticks, feeder arms etc securely. On the 8-10 Tube Match this outer pocket measures 1.5m long x 235mm wide x 55mm deep and will store 5 × 2inch top kit tubes easily or alternative large accessories. The Smaller outer pocket measures 980mm long x 220mm wide x 70mm deep on both holdalls and is perfect for big flat bed or ‘V’ pole rollers, bank sticks and all other metal wear accessories.

Trii-Cast Luggae 3 strip 1

TOP FEATURES – For total ease of access to all you items stored in the outer pockets, TRI-CAST have designed a totally unique ‘Easy reach’ opening which makes it possible to access the shortest of tackle items without having to turn the holdall upside down. These fully zipped openings are 470mm long x 170mm wide which creates more than enough room for even the biggest arms to enter the pocket without any restriction, to enable you to retrieve those annoying and easy to loose shot items. To finish these feature pack rod bags perfectly you have completely reinforced bottoms, the classic TRI-CAST black and maroon coloured panels and with a white trim on all seams, these stylish holdalls definitely look the nuts!!

Tri-Cast Luggage 4 strip 2

Modular Carryall & Cocoon System Carryall

Vital Statistics

These state of the art carryall systems are designed to make it possible to add and remove modular components as and when required, so rather than carry everything with you, simply take off the components that you don’t need and leave them at home.

Tri-Cast Carryalls

Both carryalls in the range utilise the same hard wearing and 100% waterproof 660d grade black and maroon material that has been used in the manufacture of the rod holdalls. These very well thought out carryalls feature hard wearing, heavy duty, two way zips as standard with the TRI-CAST brand clearly displayed on all zip tags. With the silk thread used for all stitching impregnated to prevent rotting, these carryalls have all the top quality characteristics of the rod holdalls making them the perfect luggage combinations based on manufacture and performance.

Cocoon System Carryall

This is the largest carryall in the TRI-CAST range and they have designed this one for the angler who likes to carry everything plus the kitchen sink with them on ever session. It offers a multitude of storage options to the angler whilst keeping space used in transit to a minimum. The Cocoon System Carryall incorporates two compartments that are zip together and are fastened by two large plastic clips attached to fully adjustable tension straps to keep them securely attached together whilst in transit. By unclipping these you can then fold the top section over to reveal a twin compartment storage system. One compartment is designed for accessory storage and the second is a designated cool bag and bait storage area.

Bait Storage

This compartment measures 680mm long x 310mm wide x 390mm high and features a thick, clear plastic lining that serves two purposes. Firstly it insulates keeping the internal temperature very cool even without ice packs in place and secondly it makes it possible to simply wipe the internal clean, so if you do manage to spill any baits or liquids whilst in transit it’s very easy to clean up. This compartment also contains two additional Cool Bags or Bait Trays as standard. these handy cool bags measure 320mm long x 275mm wide x 90mm high and have two way zips for access, a fully insulated lining and a moulded carry handle. You can comfortably store 4 x small Preston Innovation bait tubs in each cool bag with room for ice packs if required.

Tri-Cast Luggage 6 strip 3

Accessory Storage

This compartment measures 680mm long x 310mm wide x 390mm high and features a removable dividing wall with Velcro attachments that give this compartment shape, strength and assists in keeping everything in its place. Inside you get as standard two long slim storage bags that measure 660mm long x 140mm wide x 200mm high. These feature a two way zip for ease of access, a moulded carry handle and a fully adjustable shoulder strap to make individual transportation very simple and comfortable. These suit all seat box accessories like keepnet arms, rod rest heads, pole rollers, rig roosts etc and ensure that they are easy to find and protected from damage whilst being shipped around.

TOP FEATURES – The superb thing about this huge carryall is you can split it up into two separate bags. You can in seconds personalise this excellent carryall to your personal needs on any given day and carry just what items are required, why carry extra weight with you if your simply not going to need it. After a while the UKMA team have educated our needs during any given session and now we only carry the components required for that session. The heavy duty carry strap supplied can be removed and attached to either section to make it easy to carry around. Saying that because of its compact design, I very rarely break it down now as even when it is fully loaded, it can be carried or loaded onto a barrow very easily.
Modular Carryall

Modular Carryall

This very handy carryall system has all the manufacturing characteristics of the Cocoon System but features a large cool bag base unit that measures 680mm long x 310mm wide x 190mm high. This spacious compartment can be used to store various boxes containing terminal accessories including feeders, catapults, floats etc, as well as all the bait boxes you’ll ever need for a session. This fully lined bait storage compartment has a two way zip for access with a zipped clear document folder with a clear plastic panel to view ID cards, licences etc. To make moving and carrying a very easy task you have a heavily padded, fully adjustable shoulder strap that is very comfortable on the shoulders and if required can be removed.

Tri-Cast Luggage 7 strip 4

TOP FEATURES – There are two removable Modular storage units that attach to the large cool bag via two heavy duty zips down either side. These handy modular bags that measure 680mm long x 155mm wide x 190mm high come supplied with three rigid partitions that simply Velcro into place to create storage areas of variable size. Alternatively you can leave the partitions out and use the modular storage units for larger items like pole rollers, bump bars etc. These handy bags feature a fully adjustable shoulder strap and moulded carry handle to enable them to be carried separately if the larger bag is not required. Although slightly smaller than the Cocoon the Modular Carryall still has an abundance of storage options to offer the angler.
EVA Sealed Net Bag

EVA Sealed Net Bag

Over the past decade, the EVA net bag has become an essential part of the match angler’s luggage selection. These water tight bags have saved many a moaning wives rants about fish odours in the car and stained upholstery. This latest offering from TRI-CAST measures 660mm long x 140mm wide x 480mm high and has ample storage space for two 12 foot keepnets and a couple of landing net heads. To enter the main compartment you have a two way zip that is very easy to use with logo embossed pull tags that are easy to hold and make the opening and closing process much easier. On the lid you have an EVA moulded carry handle which is very comfortable in the hand even when fully loaded.

Tri-Cast EVA Sealed Net bag

TOP FEATURES – The TRI-CAST EVA sealed net bag is fitted in either corner with a female buckle. This enables you to attach this very handy net bag and fully integrate it with the Modular or Cocoon carryalls, making this one of the easiest EVA bags to transport to and from the bank currently available.

Final Thoughts

The Consultancy team at TRI-CAST have worked very hard to design and develop a range of luggage that incorporates all the features that are common place in many other leading manufacturers luggage ranges but they have done it in a way that makes this superb range of rod holdalls and carryalls really stand out in the crowd. The attention to the finest detail and material selection puts this exceptional luggage range from TRI-CAST in a class of its own. So if high quality feature packed rod holdalls and carryalls at affordable prices are what you are looking for, UKMA can highly recommend you look no further.

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