WB Clarke Match team hi-tech mono

Fri 14 March 14


At one time or another, any angler who has competed on the match circuit or regularly fished the pole or feeder, would have owned a spool of this superb high tech mono, I would put my house on it. The WB Clarke Match Team first came to fame under the original banner of Silstar Match Team but after the Dutch based company decided to pull out of the UK, shortly after W B Clarke then licensed the Match Team for UK distribution.

The WB Clarke Match Team is very highly rated by the coarse, match and specialist legions for its superb abrasion resistance and exceptional knot strength. Add to this the fact that unlike many other high tech hook link materials, the Match Team remains very soft and subtle even in the higher diameters, which is why the majority of top feeder anglers still make this there first choice hook length material.

Final Thoughts

After well over 14 years on the shelves of the majority of our retail outlets and finding its way into our tackle boxes, the W B Clarke Match Team is without question still one of, if not the best all round high tech mono the world of course angling has been privileged to enjoy. Let