Terry Eustace Gold Label tackle Pro-Gold

Thu 08 March 12


Over the past 12 years or so, when ever I’ve asked anglers who truly know there stuff, which company produces a line that they would recommend for the demands of commercial fishery feeder, distance feeder work and big fish work on rivers and time after time one name has repetitively popped up and that is Pro-Gold, from Gold Label Tackle. This Midlands based company founded by Terry Eustace and now managed by his son Robert, have a always been an industry leader and were one of the first companies to have a reel line specifically designed to have exceptional abrasion resistance qualities and this set a bench mark that all other companies that produced reel lines had to follow.

I was personally first introduced to Pro Gold by one of match fishing well known face and arguably one of the best pole float makers in the country Mick Wilkinson. Over the years, Mick has never been shy about promoting the benefits of using this now legendry reel line. Over 10 years after he first introduced me to the Pro Gold, I recently gave Mick a call and asked him exactly why he along with many of the countries top commercial fishery anglers chose to use this line overt the numerous other brands available and Mick told UKMA “I regularly fish venues where you need to cast big distances and although the Pro Gold was not the fastest sinking line on the market, there was no other line available that was as strong or would cast as well”.

Over the years Pro-gold has also developed a huge following amongst the carp, specialist and predator angling fraternities for obvious reasons. When targeting specialist fish on re-claimed aggregate quarries and natural venues the underwater terrain is usually scattered with gravel and bars which are recognised as perfect fish holding areas. The one big issue that anglers have to deal with is although these spots hold a lot of fish, when you hit into a fish over these areas your line takes a proper beating. Anglers soon learned that no matter how bad the underwater environment was, Pro-Gold’s all round strength and abrasion resistant qualities meant it was more than capable of dealing with the worst of underwater situations comfortably.

Pro-gold 1

So with a reputation for quality that has been built around total reliability of product, have the years, material developments and manufacturing processes change the way in which the Pro-Gold performs today. After talking to numerous other anglers that have used the Pro-Gold for some years, and still do. The majority have informed me that this awesome reel line still offers the angler superb all round strength with minimal breaking strain loss when knotted. The latest Pro-Gold still has a softness and suppleness that you would never expect from a reel line that is so abrasion resistant. So after all the years it has been available, Pro-Gold still has enough features to excite the most demanding of anglers.

Pro-Gold 2

First Impressions

Gold Label Tackle’s Pro-Gold reel line is a true design classic, everything the modern angler would expect from a reel line but it’s been available for years. If there have been any changes in manufacturing or materials the UKMA team have not been able to notice any. The strength and all round performance of the Pro-Gold is still in place along with all of the lines original characteristics. One big improvement made by GLT to the Pro-gold range over the years is the release of lower breaking strains to feed the requirements of the commercial fishery angler. You can buy Pro-Gold in 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15lbs breaking strains and the price varies from £16.65 for the 6lbs up to £20.95 for an 800m (1000yard) bulk spool of 15lbs line.


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