Nash tackle Spot On Line Markers

Fri 14 March 14


One of the biggest problems many match, carp specialist and predator anglers have is ensuring that you cast to the identical spot every time. Obviously the use of a line clip is the usual method used by many anglers and this is fine until you have to un-clip to deal with a running fish or when setting your alarms for the long weight. Now many anglers have used fine solid pole elastics and small pieces of insulating tape that also work OK, plus one of the latest trends is the use of distance sticks to work out the exact distance you are targeting by wrapping your line around the sticks and simply count the times you have to wrap the line around the sticks to achieve your required distance. All the above work perfectly well and have their place but if you are a bit of a lazy sod like most of us at UKMA HQ, then anything to make life easier when marking up at distance would be a blessing.

To assist all you anglers looking for a fail safe method of marking your range or distance accurately with the minimum of fuss then this is a product well worth considering for the future. Essex based NASH TACKLE have released the all new for 2014 Spot On Line Markers. These brush on high-viz accuracy markers allow you to mark your reel lines in seconds without knots, elastic or tape. At the end of a session it simply peels off leaving the line totally undamaged and ready for your next session. The Spot On Line Markers are a liquid line marker that simply brushes on to your reel line and air cures in seconds to form a thin high-viz skin. Once fully dried, this very clever liquid never slips or moves and because of its very low profile, it casts effortlessly though the rings, even when casting it through the small eyes of a standard match feeder rod.

First Impressions

No more knots, tape or power gum, Spot On creates a fine, tough fluoro skin to allow you to clip up accurately and land precisely over your baited area or close to target feature. Unlike other marker systems that can damage or kink line, or require scissors to remove them, this very clever liquid simply peels away between finger and thumbnail with no damage to your main line whatsoever. The Spot On Line Markers are supplied in four colours; purple, blue, green and orange and allows different rods and feeding spots to be colour coded, which comes in very handy on your spod and marker rods, as well as baited rods.

TOP TIP – The match angling fraternities will find this to be a very handy product, not just for marking reel lines but also for marking you depths on pole sections, less hassle than Tipp-ex as the Spot On Line Markers dries in seconds and after the session it can be removed completely in no time at all, leaving no trace.

The Spot On Line Markers are now available from all leading Nash Tackle suppliers for the very reasonable price of just £3.99 each and the UKMA team highly recommend that you give them a try if pin point accuracy is essential in your angling


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