Maver Dual Band Reel Line

Thu 23 October 14


First Look

Maver Dual Band reel line

Arguably the most popular type of reel line when feeder fishing for shy biting fish r range has to braid. Based on the fact that is has near zero stretch, producing exceptional bite indication from even the shyest of feeding species. The only down side to using braided reel lines is the cost, with many on the market costing well over £15 for 150m. This may put many anglers on a tight budget off but fortunately there are now several reel line options that combine the minimal stretch of braid at the price of mono. Read on as the UKMA team take a look at the Dual Band reel lines from Midlands based Maver UK.

Vital Statistics

Dual Band monofilament is composed of two different lines which are actually fused together during the manufacturing process. The line is treated with an environmentally-friendly bio-resin and then coated with a special UV treatment to cut down damage from harmful UV rays. The strength of the Dual Band mono is on a par with the best mono’s we have tested over the years. This combination of materials hs produced a reel line with near zero stretch, excellent knot strength and virtually zero memory.

Maver Dual Band close up

First Impressions

In the opinion of the UKMS team, the Dual Band is the perfect hybrid between braid and mono, offering low stretch whilst maintaining high breaking strains at low diameters, making casting at range that little bit easier. It can also be used as a main line for pole rigs, being totally suited to fishing against snags or when targeting big chunks down the edge.It is available in 150 metre spools and they sell for £5.99 per spool from all leading Maver stockists.

Diameter and breaking strain guide

Foot Note

Over the next few weeks the UKMA team will be taking the Dual Band out on the bank to put it through its paces, to see how well it performs when in use, so until then, watch this space!


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