MAP Optimum Reel Line

Sat 21 May 16


First Look

Reel lines have come on leaps and bounds over the past decade, with the majority of leading brands now having an option to suit most match anglers requirements. However, rather than sourcing something revolutionary, Milton Keynes based MAP have joined forces with Maxima to produce their latest reel line, introducing the Optimum.

MAP Optimum Reel Line

Vital Statistics

This latest reel line from MAP offers all the trade mark criteria that we expect from a line produced by Maxima. As it is manufactured from a co-polyamide material(a plastic that’s extremely heat resistant and durable) which were two major priorities that MAP requested from Maxima during development of the Optimum. This line has a gunmetal colouration specifically selected to make this line ideal for most water conditions, plus it looks tarty on your reels which we all know is very important!!

One of the key features of Optimum is that is has a low diameter to breaking strain, making this line in many cases 25% stronger for the equivalent diameter of many reel lines the UKMA team have revied over the years. This makes a huge difference to what you can achieve when it comes to casting further without the need for a shockleader.

First Impressions

The Optimum reel line offers superb abrasion resistance, with incredibly low diameters, making it ideal for anglers who need to crack the horizon. The gunmetal colouring is different from most, and this colouring is virtually invisible in water. There are four breaking strain options in the range, these are 4lbs (0.16mm dia), 6lbs (0.18mm dia), 6lbs (020mm dia) & 8lbs (0.22 dia). On each spool you get 300m of line, so you can load at least 2 reels per spools. The Optimum reel is now available from all authorised MAP stockists and you should expect to pay £7.99 per spool.

Foot Note – The UKMA team will be taking the Optimum out on the bank over the next few days to put it through it’s paces, so until them watch this space for our users report.


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