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Wed 14 December 16


The UKMA team members have a vast knowledge of lines and vast array of the materials used in all genre of modern day fresh water fishing. One material that has been common place in carp and specialist circles for many years now, that when first released, it instantly made a massive name for itself was Fluorocarbon. Its rise to fame was based on the fact that it offered exceptional abrasion resistance, high strength to diameter ratios and most importantly, it is virtually invisible in water. So when the UKMA team were informed by the Guru HQ that we would be receiving samples of their new Pure Fluorocarbon, our expectations were very high. So with samples in hand, here’s our first look at this latest rig and hooklength material from the Essex based Company.

Guru Pure Fluorocarbon

Vital Statistics

Fluorocarbon lines have already proven to be a real edge when targeting big fish in higher diameters and breaking strains, so a need for a product of this type in lower diameters, better suited to the match anglers requirements, and the Pure Fluorocarbon has filled this gap. This high quality Fluorocarbon material has been sourced from Japan (arguably the world’s leaders in line manufacturing technology) and offers the following key elements; accurate, consistent diameters, highly abrasion resistant, virtually invisible in water and finally exceptional strength to diameter ratio.

Guru Pure Fluorocarbon out of packaging

First Impressions

After having a quick look at the Pure Fluorocarbon from Guru, the UKMA team can tell you that it ticks al the boxes. It offers excellent knotting strength, durability and versatility, making it ideally suited to all hooklength and rig tying requirements. Pure Fluorocarbon is available in 0.08, 0.10, 0.12, 0.14, 0.16, 0.18, 0.20, 0.22, 0.24, 0.26, 0.28 & 0.30mm diameters and is sold on square spools which hold 50m. Pure Fluorocarbon is now available from all authorised Guru stockists and sells for £6.99 per spool.

Guru Pure Fluorocarbon close up

Foot Note – Over the coming weeks the UKMA team will be field testing the Pure Fluorocarbon out in an angling environment, so until then, watch this space for our field test report to follow soon.


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