Guru Pulse8 Distance Braid

Thu 22 October 15


Guru are now one of the leading terminal and accessory companies in the match fishing industry, based on well thought out products that are 100% fit for the purpose they’e been designed for. You’ll truly struggle to visit a match on any venue in the country and not find at least one angler displaying the brands logo on their clothing or side tray. So when the UKMA team heard about the imminent release of new for 2015 Pulse8 Distance Braid, we instantly got on the phone and asked for some samples to have a look at and put through there paces. Read on as we take our first look at this latest offering from the Guru range.

Guru Pulse8 Distance Braid

Vital Statistics

Pulse8 is described by the Guru as being an eight carrier braid main line. For the uneducated (ourselves included) eight carrier means it’s produced used eight tightly woven strands, rather than the more usual four. This process creates a supple, super strong braid that is exceptionally thin in diameter. The Pulse8 has a non reflective mat brown colouring and it’s ultra fine diameter makes it perfect for feeder or bomb situations when feel, direct contact and accuracy at long range is vital.

How to load your spool with Braided Reel lines

Because of the low diameter of braided reel lines, even on shallow spools you will need to use backing line. If you follow our simple instructions below, you will finish up with a perfectly loaded spool every time.

1 – Soak the spool of Braided reel line in warm water for roughly 10 minutes (this enables the braid to bed in correctly when loading it onto the spool)
2 – fit an empty spool onto your reel and load the braided reel line on, holding it between a wet piece of cloth (this is to add tension whilst loading).
3 – Then fill the remainder of the spool with backing line, until the line is level with the edge of the spool.
4 – Remove the loaded spool from the reel, and fit another empty identical spool and load the spool from the one you have previously filled.
5 – Once all the backing line and braid are transferred from the first to the second spool, you will achieve a perfectly loaded spool of braided line every time.

Perfectly loaded spools chaeivable every time if you follow these simple instructions

Top Tip – To ensure that the braided reel is perfectly tensioned on your spool on the first session of use, ALWAYS cast out a heavy lead as far as you can and steadily retrieve the back onto the spool. This soaks the braid and beds it under normal usage tension, ensuring no birds nest or guide tangles acure.

First Impressions

This latest offering from Guru has already got many an angler talking about it. This very supple, strong and low diameter braided reel line is ideal for all anglers who target bream, skimmers, hybrids, roach and rudd on lakes, rivers, drains and large canals, where instant bite recognition is imperative. It offers zero stretch, which means even the shyest of bites can easily be register, even when fished at very long range. It is now available from all Guru stockist in three breaking strains, 0.08mm/15lb, 0.10mm/18lb and 0.12mm/24lb. It is supplied on 150m spools and carries an RRP of £21.99.

Foot Note – Over the next few weeks, the UKMA team will be putting the Pulse8 distance Braid through its paces in an angling environment to see how well it performs, so until then watch this space!!


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