Guru Pulse Line 300m Spools

Mon 23 November 15


Over the past 4 years, Essex based Guru have become one of the leading brands in the match angling terminal tackle and accessories departments. They have the uncanny knack of being able to take tried and tested products to whole new level and in many cases, leading the pack in design and materials used. With this in mind, the UKMA team contacted the Guru HQ and requested the opportunity to review and test their latest reel line, The Pulse Line, read on to find out what this latest offering has to offer your angling.

Guru Pulse Line 300m Spool

Vital Statistics

Pulse line takes advantage of the latest line technology to produce a finished product that offers low-stretch and high abrasion resistance coupled with great casting and sinking features a subtle pale biscuit brown colouring, virtually identical to the colouring of the Guru feeders, which has proven to offer superb camouflage properties against numerous aquatic backdrops.

Key Feature

Each spool of the Pulse line contains 300m of line, to aid the spooling up process, after you’ve spooled 150m, you will find a removable label that clearly indicates that you have used half of the spool.

150m marker label

Final Thoughts

This latest high tech mono reel line from the Guru team is very supple, whilst offering excellent knot strengths when utilising either a palomar or grinner knot as recommended on the rear of the packaging. It’s low diameter to breaking strain ratio, makes it the ideal line for all feeder and float angling situations, particularly showing it’s true worth when used on the feeder when targeting shy biting species, particularly at long range.

Foot Note – Pulse Line is available in 3lb (0.16), 4lb (0.18), 5lb (0.21), 6lb (0.22), 8lb (0.25) and 10lb (0.28) options and carries an RRP of £8.99 and is now available from all authorised Guru stockists


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