Garbolino Topix

Tue 21 April 15


Selecting the right rig line for your pole fishing is a very personal thing is normally based on word of mouth but in many cases trial and error. With the market place now flooded with numerous choices, finding one that is right for your personal requirements, can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the sport. To hopefully guide you n the right direction, the UKMA team have just received samples of the new Topix from French tackle manufacturers Garbolino, read on as we take a first look.

This latest rig line from Garbolino is described by the manufacturers as being a ‘high quality clear Monofilament’ and who are we to argue as it is produced in Japan, arguably the worlds leading manufactures of hi-tech monofilaments Although specifically designed for rigs and hooklengths, this supple mono can even be used on your reels in the larger diameters (well worth considering during the colder months of the year)! Other important key features of the Topix are excellent tensile and wet knot strengths, with good abrasion resistance, making it ideal for putting shot on whilst retaining a nice supple feel. To ensure your Topix arrives in perfect condition, it is loaded on it’s storage spool utilising a parallel winding process, ensures perfect line quality on every spool.

First impressions

On first impressions the new for 2015 Topix hi-tech mono from Garbolino has all the attributes you would expect to find from a top quality rig line. It is supplied in 100m spools that are easy to identify, with clearly marked labels. It is now available from all Garbolino stockist in sizes from 0.08 through to 0.22 and you should expect to pay £4.99 per spool.


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