Garbolino Squad Rig Line

Tue 17 April 12


Competitive angling has never been a poor mans sport to say the least, with the cost of all tackle steadily rising, especially terminal tackle. The arrival of new anglers into the sport has been hampered by the ever increasing expenses that the modern angler has to pay to partake. With that in mind many companies are now looking into more cost effective solutions, that not only cater for the angler’s ever growing quest for quality products, they must also be good value for money.

Garbolino Squad rig Line

One product that is making many friends and ticking all the above amongst the club and open circuit matchmen is the Garbolino Squad Line. This very supple clear monofilament is perfect for all pole rig applications from small silver rigs in the lower diameters, right through to crunching big chunks down the edge on the margin pole using the higher diameters. The Squad Line is also highly abrasion resistant making it ideal for use as a Feeder and waggler hooklength material as well.

Final Thoughts

We found the Garbolino squad line performed admirably in all the sizes and situations we used and tested it under. It produced consistent knotting strength no matter which knot we chose to use. The Garbolino Squad held up to our scale test and produced results that matched and even bettered many other similar products that are far more expensive. So if you are looking for reliability and value for money, at just £3,50 per 100m spool, the UKMA team highly recommends you have a look at the Garbolino Squad Rig Line.


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