Frenzee Loaded Mono

Mon 28 November 16


With the cold stuff now upon us, the crazy days of summer hauling are now a distant memory and with every bite counting more than ever, we have to seriously consider scaling down our terminal tackle to keep the bites coming. Obviously with the fish putting up less of a fight, the rigs required to tame them can be scaled down dramatically to improve presentation and reduce the potential of spooking cautiously feeding fish in water that carries less colour than normal.

One of the easiest ways of giving your rigs greater finesse it to reduce the diameter or breaking strain of the line used in rig construction. With this in mind, the UKMA team have been doing a bit of research and discovered a comparison review on high tech mono’s by the team from the Maggot Drowners forum, which indicated that one brands option had passed with flying colours, this was the Loaded Mono from Frenzee.. So UKMA contacted the team at Frenzee and requested a selection of the lower breaking strain diameters for us to put under the microscope, here our first look.

Frenzee Loaded Mono

Vital Statistics

The Loaded Mono is Frenzee’s first release in the very competitive high tech mono market. This Japanese manufactured high tech mono has been chosen based on it offering accurate dimensions, exceptional suppleness and reliable knotting strength. It s ideally suited when building pole rigs, plus you can also tie accompanying hooklengths to produce a near invisible rig as this is a neutral clear, non reflective material and virtually invisible, even in clear water.

Frenzee Loaded Mono side view

First Impressions

Frenzee have done their homework and released a very good quality high tech mono. The Loaded Mono offers superb strength and consistent diameters throughout the sizes selected for this review. All diameters and breaking strains stated on the packaging are near on perfect, with the breaking strain on a knot, being virtually identical to the stated breaking strain (very impressive). Each spool contains 100m of the Loaded Mono and you should expect to pay £4.99 per spool.

Foot Note – Based on first impressions, the UKMA team are very impressed with the Loaded Mono but as per usual, we leave nothing to chance, so we will be putting it through its paces over the coming weeks to see how it performs in an angling environment.



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