Drennan Feeder and Method Mono

Wed 15 April 15


Field Tested

It’s not very often that a reel line hits the market that really stands out from the crowd. However, based on super feedback from the match angling fraternities, the UKMA team contacted Oxfordshire based Drennan international and asked if we could do a field test on their critically acclaimed Feeder & Method Mono. For all of you who haven’t seen it before, read on as we give you the down low on this top quality mono reel line.

Drennan Feeder & Method Mono

Vital Statistics

As the name suggests, the Drennan Feeder & Method Mono is a mono-filament reel line specifically designed to cope with the rigours of modern feeder fishing tactics. This pale brown mono is fast sinking, very smooth to the touch, as it has been specially coated to give it a slick surface finish increasing potential casting distances achievable when in use. The lines outer coating allows it to cut under the water sur­face easily and enables it to sink quickly, which is must when fishing at range with cross winds.

The Feeder & Method Mono is available in the following spool sizes and breaking strains;

100m and 250m Spools: 4lb (0.18mm) 1.8kg 5lb (0.20mm) 2.27kg 6lb (0.23mm) 2.72kg 8lb (0.26mm) 3.63kg 10lb (0.28mm) 4.54kg 12lb (0.30mm) 5.45kg

Drennan Feeder & Method Mono close up

The Feild Test

The UKMA team never leave anything to chance, so over the past four weeks, we’ve been using the Drennan Feeder & Method Mono in a match angling environment, to see how well it performs whilst in use.

Spooling up

Reel fully loaded with 8lbs Drennan Feeder & Method Mono

The UKMA team pre-soaked a 250m bulk spool in warm water for 15 minutes, to make it a supple as possible before loading the spool. We then weighted the spool down under water, ensuring that the line peeled off the spool in an anti clockwise direction. The reason for this is to enable the reel to be loaded, eliminating any potential line twist whilst loading.
After the spool was fully loaded, We then went out to the local lake and chucked a 3oz lead around to bed the line in at the correct tension, ready for use.

Over the next four weeks, we’ve used this 8lbs reel line for over 20 hours in a competitive environment and it has performed superbly. Even when fishing tight to snags, we were totally confident that this quick sinking mono could cope with pulling carp to 12lbs away and out of beds of rushes and other island margin vegetations. The lines knotting strength is near on identical to the 8lbs rated breaking strain we tested, so you have peace of mind that the lines strength is exact.

Final Thoughts

After using the Drennan Feeder & Method Mono several times and after fishing four matches with it, the UKMA team have been very impressed with it’s all round performance and reliability, in fact it does everything that the manufacturer claims on the packaging when in use. Being totally honest, it had to be something very special to match our chosen feeder line but it definitely matched this lines performance with a few extra stars next to its name.

Foot Note – The Drennan Feeder & Method Mono is a superb reel line that is now permanent part of our feeder set up and until we find something better, will stay on our reels for some time, it’s that good. You should expect to pay £3.95 for a 100m spool and £8.95 for a 250m spool and all breaking strains are now available form all leading Drennan stockists.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/