Drennan Double Strength

Sun 17 July 16


Although high tech monofilaments are common place in our fishing with scores of companies claiming to produce the ultimate rig and hook length material available.
We have seen many brands and products come and go, with only a handful that can say that they pretty much started it all about 15 years ago and are still a brand to be reckoned with, even in today’s cut throat industry.

Drennan Double Strength

One of these elite brands and products is the Drennan Double Strength line, still as popular today as it was 15 years ago. Thousands of anglers over the years have found it to work superbly as a hook link material for the majority of specialist and match angling tactics, also creating a huge following as a reel line, and offering the angler a reel line that was far superior to anything else available at that time.
Over the years, anglers have learned it is when being used as a reel line that it is more than capable of competing with the very best around. This very soft yet powerful reel line has gained most favour because of the exceptional strength to diameter ratio that it offers. Giving the angler a low diameter reel line, which is more than capable of handling all float and medium feeder situations.

Final Thoughts

The Drennan, Double Strength line is about as good as it gets, when you are looking into durable hi-tech hook length materials. A very dependable rig and reel line with references going back well over a decade, with virtually every top name in angling has at one time or another used the Drennan Double Strength line in their general fishing.

Sizes Available: 4lb – 1.80kg – 0.148mm 5lb – 2.25kg – 0.165mm 6lb – 2.75kg – 0.185mm 7lb – 3.2kg – 0.205mm 8lb – 3.63kg – 0.220mm 10lb – 4.5kg – 0.235mm 12lb – 5.5kg – 0.260mm RRP £4.49 per spool

I could throw accolades at this product for hours but what’s the point? The Drennan Double Strength line is a total angling classic. With superb long term performance and strength, that gives you the piece of mind that your reel line and rigs are in as good a condition as they can possibly be. Plus it won’t let you down when it really counts – when you have a fish on.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/thelatest/