MAP Quick Change Feeders

Thu 08 October 15


Field Tested

From hair curlers to the modern day feeder systems and attachments, the past 40 years has seen some major changes in the feeder fishing world. Everything from materials used to make feeders, right through to attachment systems have now evolved to make feeder fishing now a very technical part of modern coarse and match fishing. One of many companies who have developed and designed an integrated feeder system are Milton Keynes based MAP and over the past 4 months the UKCA team have been using their Quick Change Feeders in match angling situations, to evaluate how well they perform.

MAP Quick Change Feeder Range

Gone are the days of cutting your line to change an in line feeder thanks to this superb range of interchangeable feeder. This very clever system enables you to change from one style of feeder to another in a matter of seconds, which is critical in a match fishing situation. This has been made possible by developing a universal insert that fits all of the feeders in the Quick Change feeder range.

There are four feeder options to choose from, thee are as follows;

Quick Change Cage Feeders

Quick Change Cage Feeder

Quick Change Open End Feeder

Quick Change Pellet Feeder

Note – All the above feeders are available in Small 15g, Medium 20g & 30g and Large 20g & 30g options

Quick Change Frameless Method Feeders

Available in small 20g & large 30g

How to change a Quick Change Feeder

1 – remove the rubber tip sleeve and slide this away from the feeder, up the reel line.

2 – Slide the feeder off the internal support tube away from your hooklength connector.

3 – Once the feeder is clear of the support tube, lift your reel line out of the preformed slot in the base weight.

4 – Select the feeder you wish to use and reverse the process ensuring the the stabilisers on the side of the internal support tube are lined up with the internal slots on the feeder and push down onto the hooklength connection, job done!

Top Tip – To create a semi fixed bolt rig place a tight fitting float stop onto your reel line, then thread the reel line through the rubber tip sleeve. Then thread the line through the support tube and attach a size 11 swivel which fits perfectly inside the base of the support tube. You can also use the MAP quick change connectors but other connectors from different brands also fit perfectly but try one first to ensure it fits perfectly.

Final Thoughts

After using the Quick Change Feeders over several weeks in both pleasure and match fishing situation, the UKMA team have been very impressed with the speed you can change from feeder to feeder and how well all of the feeders in the range have performed. Because of the size and weight options available in the range, you can keep your casting accuracy spot on and by changing to a larger or smaller options, you can vary the amount of feed introduced during a match, which is very useful when bites dry up or when the fish are truly having it!

Foot Note – The MAP Quick Change Pellet & Open End Feeders sell for £1.45 each, the Cage Feeders sell for £1.25 each. The Quick Change Frameless Method Feeders sell for £1.99 each and the matching moulds sell for £1.85 each.



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