Guru XSafe In-line Square Pear Leads - First Look

Mon 29 September 14


With winter just around the corner, many of you who spend your time on commercial fisheries will be spending a lot of time on the straight lead, with single hookbaits searching for bites, especially when the temperature drops right off. Conventions running leads have been the chosen weapon for many years now. with a swivel sticking out of the top for attachment purposes, until now! Those clever chaps at Tackle Guru have totally re-vamped the basic lead as we know it and developed a totally safe n-line lead system that will impress even the most demanding of match anglers, Introducing the XSafe In-line Square Pears.

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Vital Statisics

The New inline X-safe leads takes bomb fishing to the next level. The system can be used as a standard running lead, or as a semi-fixed bolt setup by locking a size-11 swivel into the soft rubber insert. By removing the insert and replacing it with the X-Safe stem you can create the ultimate fish safe bomb-fishing system. This elasticated bomb set up gives you a safe bolt rig, and the added cushion provided by the internal elastic helps prevent hook pulls. The long stem stabilizes the setup in flight, allowing you to make longer, more accurate casts when required.

Key Feature

Key Features The quick-change clip system on the X-Safe stems allow you to alternate lead sizes and change between other X-Safe products like the method and pellet feeder in seconds. They also offer the you the user the following benefits;

• Position on sloping lakebeds.
• Matt, anti-reflect camouflage colour.
• Interchangeable with x-safe stems, allowing a speedy switch from inline to x-safe systems.
• Change between method feeders, pellet feeders and leads instantly.
• Makes changing leads quick and easy.
• The added x-safe stem improves casting accuracy and distance.
• The ultimate safe bagging system.

First Impressions

These revolutionary in-line leads will definitely attract favour amongst the match angling fraternities, as well as fishery managers who take fish welfare seriously. Unlike the majority of leads currently available to the match angler the X-Safe In-line Square Pairs from Guru offer total versatility, meaning you can change the lead size if required if situations require. The’re available in 1.1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz and 3oz. They are now available from all Guru stockists for the very reasonable price of £2.85 per pack of two.

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