Guru Heavy Method Feeders

Fri 29 May 15


Guru Heavy Method Feeders

GURU have been listening to their hugely experienced team of consultants and realized when fishing close to features like islands and far bank margins, whilst also offering greater accuracy at long range. A new range of Method Feeders was needed with extra weight to prevent line tow pulling the feeder down the shelf or away from your baited area on big open commercial fisheries, introducing Guru Heavy Method Feeders. So the development team, headed by Adam Rooney and Steve Ringer, engineered the already successful X-Safe and Inline Method Feeders to include a beefier base plate that carries more weight. These new versions of the GURU Method Feeders now carry 36g in the small size and 45g in the large size, without changing the baited frame support of these well designed method feeders, so you still have the same bait presentation facilities.

Final Thoughts

These latest additions to the GURU Method Feeder range are exactly the same size as the original lighter versions meaning they’re a totally compatible with the existing GURU X-Press mould, this means totally compatibility to the existing products in the range and no further cost to you as an angler. The X-SAFE SYSTEM Method Feeders sell for £2.24 each in both sizes and the Inline versions sell for £1.99 each. As these are the Method Feeders that recently powered Steve Ringer to his maiden UK Championships win, the UKMA team are more than confident that they will be flying of the shelves at your local GURU retailer as soon as they arrive. So if you’re looking for a very well designed heavy method feeder that is totally fish friendly, then we recommend you look no further!!

VERY IMPORTANT – before selecting any method feeder from the GURU range, ALWAYS carefully read the fishery rules to insure you buy the correct type of method feeder based on the rules of the fishery you are planning on targeting. This bit of research could save you an embarrassing disqualification from a match or potential ban from a fishery. Always do your research in advance and don’t get caught out!!


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