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Fri 07 September 12


Over the past decade Alex Bones and Steve Ringer are two names that through the sheer number of features they have had published are now widely recognised as being two of the sports leading authorities on method feeder and cage feeder fishing in the United Kingdom. So it comes as no surprise that their accumulated knowledge, along with the input of the select army of consultants GURU have put together, has lead to the release of a new cage feeder for the Guru range of match and commercial fishery products. These innovative feeders have numerous revolutionary design features put in place to improve there all round performance. UKMA have just received samples of these new feeders and on first impressions, here’s what we have to say about them.

Guru Cage Feeders


All the basics you expect to find on a good cage feeder are in place but re-designed to increase the general all-round performance of the product. The first noticeable difference is the positioning of the weight on the feeder. Unlike traditional feeders that have a strip of lead down one side, the weight has now been placed to the front of the feeder on the flat underside and the actual weight of the lead has also been increased. These changes have all been proven to increase the distance the feeder can be cast and also increase the accuracy achievable when casting long range.

The GURU Cage Feeders are available in four different sizes Mini 20g, Small 20g, Medium 23g and Large 23g. All sizes of feeder are manufactured using a two part, 2.5mm thick plastic cage mesh which has so far proven to be durable and rigid. Each size of Cage feeder in the range has a slightly different mesh size which guarantees your bait, no matter how small, reaches the bottom and doesn’t disperse upon impact. The Midi cage feeder mesh has an internal measurements of 9mm x 8mm, the small is 12mm x 8mm, the medium is 12mm x 10mm and the large has an internal mesh measurement of 12mm x 12mm (these measurements are approximate).

Guru Cage Feeders Strip images

GURU have released a cage feeder which has virtually no solid faces apart from the front located lead which is only 1/6th of the feeders total surface. This has made the feeder remarkably easy to retrieve as there is virtually zero resistance on the feeder. On first tests UKMA have found this helps to greatly reduce the potentials for line twist up on retrieval (nice touch). Another big improvement is the total capacity of the feeder. GURU have increased the bait capacity of the cage on all feeders, to allow more feed to be introduced per cast than other feeders currently available on the market of the same or similar weight.

A durable plastic attachment is fitted to the back of the cage frame. This is a flat 25mm long by 4mm wide attachment with a machined hole to house your chosen method of rig connection (a size 8 or 10 American snap swivels is perfect). The attachment is designed to pivots at the point of connection to the feeder, greatly reduces potential tangles and works as a subtle shock absorber that cushions the impact when striking into bites and casting. The GURU Cage feeders are perfect for carrying micro and 4mm feed pellet, all groundbaits, meat, chopped worm and casters plus the Midi and Small sizes are perfect for paste feeder work.

First Impressions

The team at GURU have been working on this feeder for some time now and the finished product eliminated all those flaws normally found in other feeders currently available. I’m not putting every other feeder on the market down as there are a good number of feeders available that I personally will never stop using but I have to say these new cage feeders from GURU do look very impressive. Steve, Alex and the army of consultants have pointed out many previously ignored design flaws in feeders and sorted them out. I’m sorry to tell you that you don’t get a snazzy day-glow blister pack as these feeders are sold loose (Oh well I’ve never caught by using the packaging anyway!!) but what you do get is a well thought out cage feeder that is great value for money, as all sizes sell for just 99p each, which in these days of hyped up pricing is outstanding value for money.


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