Frenzee Precision Multi bomb

Mon 11 December 17


Field Tested

With the grips of winter well and truly upon us, single hookbaits with minimal or no feed can be the only way of catching on the majority of commercial fisheries, especially when utilising rod and line feeder and lead tactics. Obviously the streetlight lead, with a single can be a superb method but in some cases a minute amount of feed can bring bites when this method fails. One very useful option that the UKMA team have recently field tested will suit these situations perfectly are the Precision Multi bomb range from Frenzee, read on as we talk you through what they’re all about.

Frenzee Precision Bomb

Vital Statistics

These Bomb or as we all call them leads feature a large connection swivel for total ease of attachment which comes in really handy in cold weather. they also feature the now common place camo, non reflective finish, which blends perfectly into the majority of aquatic backdrops you are likely to encounter. Each of these bombs also features a round hole through the centre, this is designed to hold small qualities of bait, for those situations where a small amount of freebies is required to get the fish in the mood for a feed including pellet, groundbait,chopped corn and liquidised bread.

Frenzee Precision Bomb close up

Key Feature – The Precision Bombs have a unique shape which makes them ideal for fishing on sloping features or moving water as they are anti roll, ensuring your rig stays exactly where you want it!

Field Tested

On a bitterly cold day, we headed down to our local commercial fishery to put the Precision Bombs through their paces on a lake that wasn’t producing much sport for the anglers already in attendance. so this would be a perfect situation to see if these new bomb/feeders would produce, when conventional straight lead and feeder approaches were not an option.

Frenzee Precision Bomb loaded with micro pellets

After several casts with no feed and alternating between corn and maggot hook baits with no bites. We then loaded the hollow centre with roughly 10 micro pellets and recast to see if the minimal amount of feed would make a difference and produce a bite on what was turning out to be a very hard day.

Fish in the net

After only a few minutes, the tip slow went round and after a short but feisty battle a 4lbs fish slipped into the landing net. Over the next 2 hours, a run of fish to 6lbs graced the landing net, with a total of 10 fish falling to the minimal feed approach. As they say proof is in the pudding and whilst others around us were blanking, we were able to catch fish steadily!

Final Thoughts

If you fish commercial fisheries and the bomb is a method that you utilise in the colder months. Then the UKMA team highly recommend you give these very clever Bomb/Feeders from Frenzee a good look the next time you’re in your local retailer. They’re available in four different sizes options, these are; 10g, 15g, 24g and 34g and you should expect to pay £2.99 per pack of three which is great value for money.


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